Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Made Her List...Time To Check it Twice

Zoe isn't just getting into learning to read in first grade, she's also loving the spelling.  During her "Computer Time" she doesn't choose to play games.  No.  She double clicks on the Microsoft Word icon and starts typing her heart out.  Usually, she transcribes her favorite books, verses or poem.  Occasionally, she writes any and every word she knows.  With Christmas coming, she's switched her focus up a bit.  So for any of you that may be interested in what this 6 year-old is asking for this Christmas, here's Zoe's list. Bonus points if you don't actually need the translation that follows.

Translations you may need:
1. a DS game
3. a Stapler - Doesn't every 6 year-old?  Personally, I'd be happy for Zoe to have her own.  She borrows mine so often to make one of her many books, I can never find it.
4. a Guitar
7. 100 Purses
10. a Binder - Again...she loves office products.  She has two 3-ring binders with protective sleeve inserts for all her artwork.
11. a Violin
12. a Calendar - She doesn't mean the kind that hangs on the wall.  She'd like a planner.  Yes...I'm beginning to think she might have some issues (says the kettle).
13. a Picture Frame
14. 100 Cell Phones - Because clearly, one is not enough for this "pre-teen".
16. A brother that is silly.

Hey, at least I can promise her #16!


rachael said...

i adore looking back and reading lydia's journals or notes, with all of the misspellings. that is absolutely priceless, i love it!

gesswein said...

ok, god bless you, b/c katie (our oldest) CONSTANTLY wants office supplies. (it's a sick genetic trick I think) perhaps this will lead to a business major, and a trip abroad together. hah. very enjoyable list, she knows what she wants! happy thanksgiving!

Dorinda said...

That is just way to cute :) I love when they can't spell! It's such a shame we have to teach them the right way :) Kidding mostly.

Kaitlyn loves office supplies too. When school started she got her very own planner - you would have thought she had gotten a brand new DS the way she carried on about it!!

Megan said...

That is so cute!

Helen said...

I was so touched to see what was number 2 on her list! So cool that a 6 year old would think to ask for that. Must have made you proud :)

Following Him said...

Love the list. Also-I awarded you an award over at my blog. When you have time, pop on over.

Tara said...

What a cute list! And I think she's doing great with her spelling!!

Edina said...

It was not only fun, but also really worth to read :) I'm a teacher, and always loved to read such things if the kids shared them with me... Zoe seems to have a skill and love for sharing her ideas :) MAybe shle''l grow up to be a writer?

Alejandra said...

Oh wow this is the most adorable list ever! You should get her a whole mini office set to play with. That's so cute. I used to love that kind of stuff too! Go Zoe!

Superhero Mom said...

This was priceless! Happy Thankgiving!

Jessica said...

I wasn't sure if I should reply back to the post on my blog or to yours...do you guys have Hobby Lobby? They have that exact saying you are looking for for half off. If you don't have them I could get it for you and send it to you! I think it was 15.00 or so.

Jessica said...

How cute!