Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween with Five

Shane & I grew up with different Halloween traditions.  Shane's family didn't participate.  There was no trick or treating for the Higby kids.  Shane can't remember ever even asking to go.  I, however, a) loved the opportunity to get together with friends and b) HELLO...CANDY!

Even with the different backgrounds, we've agreed to let the kids go out for Halloween...for now.  As long as the focus is on the friends, fun and fructose (had to stick with the "f" pattern there, sorry), they are welcome to participate (with Mom picking out appropriate costumes).

This year, after I dropped Zoe & Ty off at school, I brought the triplets by Shane's work.  The last time they were there, they were still in their infant seats (MAYBE 6 months old).  The triplets were a HUGE HIT on Friday.

For the past few years, we've trick or treated here on our street with some neighbors.  We'd go out early (with the sun still out), then we'd have some pizza and the kids would finish up the neighborhood with Dad when he got home.  But this year, we mixed things up a little bit.

We headed down to a friend's house a few towns over.  Their "hood" has sidewalks (with a stroller...that's a MAJOR plus!)  The trips and I picked Zoe & Ty up from school and headed down to "Team Moorman's".

We suited up and headed out.  What a great time!

Shane met us there after work and we all had pizza.  (Does everyone have pizza on Halloween night?)

When we got home, I put Tigger, Piglet & Pooh to bed (they were BEAT!) and Shane brought Zoe & Ty around to a few of the neighbors.  Ty was in RARE FORM!  He was talking a mile a minute...and NON-STOP!  So funny.  We're used to Zoe being hyper from sugar.  It's rare to see Ty do ANYTHING fast.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily Zoe & Ty went to bed.  Granted, it was past 9p by the time they were tucked in, but still...with all that could have been a disaster.  I guess exhaustion wins out over sugar high.


Kris said...

I love the pics - everyone looked great! and yes, we had pizza for dinner last night too!

Marcella said...

love the costume theme for the triplets. You even got Zoe & Ty to match. No such luck at our house. No pizza at our house either, Cassie picked fingers dipped in blood. (grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup).

salli said...

Fun!!! The kids looked great and you look awesome!!!

Nicole O'Dell said...

I LOVE the picture of you surround by your gang. Beautiful picture!