Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trouble with a Capital "C"!

Yes, I know I owe you a ton and a half of posts.  I will.  I promise.  I'll sum up June, July and August and HOPEFULLY not have to review all of September.

In the meantime...yesterday HAS to be posted about!

See this cutie?

He looks so sweet and innocent, right?  Wrong!

I was upstairs making beds and Ava came up saying, "Cole in trouble.  Cole be naughty."  When she brought me downstairs, I made a disturbing, yet not so shocking discovery...

And there, right next to this beautiful work of art was it's creator.

He's not exactly sly!  By the time I cleaned him up (after all...he had preschool today...I couldn't send him looking like "Pierre") he'd moved on to another disaster so I moved on to putting sheets on Ty's bed.  You'll never guess who I found in Ty's room...Cole!  He was playing Lego's on Ty's bed...and he'd had an "accident".  Seriously.  So...I cleaned up Cole...and his mess...and waited to put sheets on the now wet (but newly scrubbed) mattress.

Determined to get SOMETHING done before nap time (theirs, not mine, unfortunately), I went downstairs to empty the dishwasher.  There were Eli & Ava playing nicely in the Family Room.  When they saw me come into the kitchen, I was greeted warmly with another, "Cole in trouble.  Cole be naughty" from Ava.  Great.  "Where is he, Ava?" 


I kid you not, the boy had unlocked and opened the front door and was riding his tricycle on the driveway.  Underwear only.  Quite a sight.  But seriously, what am I supposed to do with this boy?  HOW am I going to contain him?