Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Parents Are Cool

My parents are cool.  They're fun.  They're hip.  And what's even better?  They're fun GRANDPARENTS!

When I was a kid, our big family trips revolved around skiing.  Not downhill skiing, mind you...Cross Country Skiing.  I can remember thinking it wasn't as cool as downhill.  Or as hip.  Or as scary!  And I loved it.  I can remember one trip where my Dad and I were out at the end of the day...somehow a little turned around...and on a more difficult trail than I was up for (I refuse to say it was too difficult for me...I still blame the conditions and the fact that I was tired.) The sun was going down and I was starting to think they'd have to send snowmobiles for us. I remember having to take my skis off and hike for part of it.  And I remember coming around a corner and seeing a HUGE downhill.  HUGE.  I'm no thrill-seeker.  I was not excited.  And I don't remember all the details in how I got back to the lodge...but I do remember there being a good amount of tears.  Still...it's a great memory and now...my parents have passed the cross-country bug on to my kids!

Monday afternoon, Grammy and Granddad took Zoe and Ty up High Point, NJ for an experiment in skiing.  We weren't sure how they'd do, but with a 1/2 day ticket option, my folks were willing to give it a try. The weather was perfect: We had 6 inches of fresh snow fall on Sunday night (shocking, I know). It was cool, but not fridged.  Warm enough that Zoe needed to take her hat off by the end of the afternoon.

Grammy was kind enough to provide pictures...

Zoe and Ty were sure to let us know how they were measured by this man for their rental skis: "Raise your hand...like in class...and the tip top of the ski should tickle you between your wrist and palm.  Then you put your arm straight out to your sides...like a 'T'...and that's how tall your poles are.  After you carry your skis outside, you step into the ski with your toes."

Granddad gave Zoe pointers on technique: "Put your weight on foot that's not in the front and push off with that leg.  Then you swing your arms opposite your legs and you can use your poles to make you go even faster!"

It took Ty a little while to get his snow legs.

And when he fell...he'd get tangled...

...really tangled!

By the end of the 2 hours, the kids were exhausted...but addicted.  They would've stayed longer (but probably would've needed a shot of "5 Hour Energy").

Thank you, Grammy and Granddad!  They loved it!  You gonna be up for taking the triplets in a few years?