Friday, November 7, 2008

Quite a Day!

Zoe had quite a day today!

It started this morning, with an eye appointment.

At her 6 year-old checkup, she didn't quite pass her VEP exam.  Don't ask me what it is or what it does.  All I know is they put little probes on her scalp and have her watch a screen with annoying images and sounds flashing like wild.  It gave me a headache just being in the room (and I was trying not to look at it) so I can see why Zoe kept turning away.  After the high-tech thingie-mabob, the nurse gave Zoe an old-fashion eye-chart test.  Apparently, she didn't do too well on that either, so the pediatrician recommended going to an optometrist (opthamologist?  What's the difference, again?).  I'll save you the rant about the research I did on the importance (i.e. cost) of a pediatric opta-whatever.  Zoe went to the same Optometrist as Daddy (which she thought was very cool).

(Sorry for the poor quality, it was taken from my phone)

The result?  No problem!  No glasses!  Zoe's has a slight tendency for far-sightedness (huh?) but apparently that's common in younger kids and she will grow out of it as she ages.  So, I'm chalking up the "failed" test to the fact that it was a Friday afternoon at about 4:30p.

Which leads us to this afternoon...

I'm in the kitchen starting dinner (not my favorite part of the day) when Zoe flies in from the backyard.  I couldn't understand a word she was saying...not only was it spoken at the speed of light, it was mumbled like she had a mouthful of marbles!  And she was thrusting her hand out to me!

She'd lost her first wiggly tooth!

(The hole's on the bottom...odd, right?  Isn't it usually the top teeth that come out first?  Zoe's never been one to "follow the rules".  Why start with teeth?)

It took all my strength not to gag when she handed it to me.  I'm not sure exactly what I said, but in my mind, it was something very encouraging and enthusiastic as I quickly got the tooth out of my hand and back into hers!  No sooner had I done so, than she was on the phone to the president both sets of grandparents with her late-breaking news.  Then, she was a blur as she darted across the street to notify the neighbors.

As soon as the storm door slammed, I was on my laptop googling "going rate for first lost tooth"!


Grammy said...

For Zoe
Zoe I was at the dentist yesterday (the day your tooth came out) and he had a very interesting book in the waiting room. The title was, Throw Your Tooth up on the Roof. The writer of the book had talked to people in different countries to find out what they do when they lose a tooth. In some countries they really do throw the tooth up on the roof! In some places they bury it, wrap it in cotton or throw it towards the sun. (so the next tooth will be bright and white!) So what did you do with your tooth? (I think I know)

Hannah said...

Nope, bottom teeth typically come in first and fall out first. Her pattern of losing teeth will be almost the same as the pattern that her baby teeth came in. Teeth are crazy!!! One of my 7 month old twins (adjusted age 5 months!!!) just cut his first tooth! The same one as Zoe just lost! I was (am?!?) a dental hygienst turned full time mommy of two darling boys!

Dorinda said...

Yes, bottom teeth first! Kaitlyn lost all her bottom teeth long before her top ones. We give $1.00 for a tooth since they don't come out that quickly. Though at one point Kaitlyn said, "If I lose 10 teeth I'll have 10 dollars!" Hmm, while that's true it would take about 2 years to save that up :)

Glad Zoe doesn't need glasses. Kaitlyn does and she doesn't like it but thankfully she's adjusted well to having them.

salli said...

Hip, hip, hooray for Zoe!!!