Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

Is it too late to cancel Christmas?  I definitely think I'm cancelling Christmas Cards
Tuesday was "Christmas Picture Day".  Well, at least that's what the calendar said.  That morning, our sitter cancelled...she was sick (no guilt, Bec...honest!)  The appointment was set.  I'd already written the note for Zoe to give her teacher saying she wasn't taking the bus.  I had outfits all ready (for the most part).  I was mentally prepared.  And do I need to mention that I'm stubborn?  Yeah.  I'm stubborn.

After Bible Study, Ty, the triplets & I stopped at Children's Place and picked up the random pieces missing to complete everyone's outfits.  When we got home, the babies had their nap and I packed up the car.  By 2:30, T, C, E & A were loaded in the car with picture outfits on.  We swung by school and picked up Zoe (only 5 minutes behind schedule).  Got to the mall with 10 minutes to spare.  Unloaded the stroller...and babies...and kids...and headed to Sears.  2 minutes early!  Tammy (our photographer) brought us to the studio...

That's when it all unravelled.  That's when I realized...I was alone.  That's when it hit me...I'm a moron.  What was I thinking?  Three 15-month olds don't exactly sit still.  Zoe was helpful...mostly.  Ty...well...not so much.  At one point, I had gathered Eli & Cole and sat them in their "spots" only to see Ty laying on his back with Ava laying on her back on top of him...both of them giggling and kicking their feet in the air.  When I asked why he wasn't sitting up, he said, "she pushed me over, I couldn't help it!"  Ummmmmmmmmm...Ty...she weighs 17 pounds!  I would think you could hold her up!

After 45 minutes of pure torture, I decided we'd had enough and I'd look at what we got.  Oh, and let me take this moment to let y'all know...I HAD NO VOICE!  Sometime during my weekend away, my voice decided to go far far away.  Nothing.  No voice.  Five kids.  Have I mentioned I'm a glutten for punishment?

While Tammy prepared the DVD to look at our results, I loaded three babies into their stroller and bribed Zoe to feed them snacks.  I pulled Ty's DS from my bag and forced him to play Super Mario Brothers at the kids table (Hello!?!?!  When has he ever had to be forced to play a video game?  I'm usually riping it from him hands!)  All the while, trying to ignore the (no less than) 15 angry customers whining that they weren't being helped.  Apparently, the portrait studio was a tad short-staffed that day.  There were 2 photographers.  Yup.  Two!

When Tammy finally set me up at the computer to look at pictures, I flipped through them for about 10 minutes and realized the past few hours had been an utter waste of time.  There was a "collage" Tammy made of all five head shots (which was beautiful), but it was $180 and fulfilled none of the purposes of my visit.  There was one group shot that looked promising.  Everyone was facing the camera.  Eli wasn't throwing the decorative ornament.  Cole wasn't roaring.  But Ava was about a foot and a half off to the right.  She looked like a random kid that had wondered into our picture.  For the first time in my mothering life, I walked out of a portrait studio having purchased NOTHING!

Never again.  I've learned my lesson.  I'll never again attempt to bring my children for a picture alone!  Next time, I'm dragging Shane along for the torture!


rachael said...

after all that work, what a bummer you didn't get anything! if i lived closer i would happily head over there and see if i could get any christmas card worthy shots for you!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh, bless your heart, I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been. If I were you, I'd put them all in christmas PJs and sit them in front of your tree and take some pictures. And, when you do, I want one! ;0)

Kris said...

I am dreading the "holiday photo op" myself and you hit the nail on the head as to why! i am sorry that things did not work out, but I love Nicole's idea and just might do that myself! : )

Helen said...

Amy, Amy, Amy.... When will you learn? JK :) Sorry the photo trip was a bust!

It's those reasons exactly that I've yet to take the boys to a pro... I just can't see spending money to fight to have the boys line up.

Amy said...

hysterical...i can totally relate though. last year, mark & i took the pics at home, bribing them with candy canes and practically doing songs and dance to get them all smiling and looking at the camera at the same time!! i decided that we might just do a photo collage pic this year. we'll see :)

Dorinda said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! There's nothing worse then doing all that and getting no pictures to show for it! This is why we used an actual photographer - at least she could get good shots with no one waiting or complaining and less pressure on having them sit "just right" - that being said - our actual Christmas shot is pretty bad. The girls would NOT cooperate - LOTS of screaming - and the one decent shot still has Julianna with all her fingers in her mouth. Oh well, I'm sure everyone will forgive me.

Kathy Schneider said...

Hi Amy!

Kathy Schneider here. Your mom just clued us into your blog. What a hoot! (And a beautifully designed hoot too!) As a former (recovering) portrait photographer I absolutely LOVE your story about your photo session with five children . . . alone. You are indeed intrepid. But until the triplets hit about age 5, you would need to be a mother octopus to do it by yourself. :oD What a great writer you are--I'll be coming back often to catch up.

Following Him said...

Oh my goodness...I can not believe that happened! Wish I could have helped. Maybe the only one will come out better :)Hang in there girl!!!