Thursday, November 6, 2008

Running Errands

*** Updated 11/7: For all of you that seem to think I have my camera in a holster on waist...IT WAS THE CAMERA ON MY PHONE! ***

Guess what I did yesterday that I NEVER thought I'd do!?!?!?!

BJs with the triplets!  It was almost like I was a regular mom out running errands.  I felt sort of "normal".

They were GREAT!  They loved looking around at all the colors and big boxes.  Cole kept looking up at the ceiling.  I guess warehouses are his thing.

I went with the "push & pull" technique.  Push one cart and pull the other.  As long as I evenly distributed "the goods", it wasn't hard to maneuver at all.
We did get a few stares and comments, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Maybe they're used to multiples in a wholesale club.  Buying bulk is a necessity!  We did see a set of twins and a few "multiple kids", but no other double carts.
I'll definitely brave the trip again.  Just a few adjustments next time: 1) sippy cups with their straps attached ("Toss the Sippy" is not Mommy's favorite game.)  2) snacks  & 3) stick to visits on NON-raining days!


Triplethefunplus2 said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you did it! It gets easier the more you do it! I take chlorox wipes and clean the truck things and away we go. luckily i have one that loves to sit in the basket, so there's hardly any fighting over who gets to ride in the truck! lol

I don't get many comments when I'm in BJ's either. When I would use the choo choo in there, that's the attention getter! lol

Following Him said...

ONE AWESOME MAMA!!!! You go girl :)

Nicole O'Dell said...

Da ta da ta da....SUPER MOM!

JMom said...

Good for you! Feeling free to do normal things was HUGE for me!!! I actually put my third in the big back basket when they were steady enough to sit.
YEA for you!
(by the way, costumes were from Pottery Barn)

Marcella said...

I can't believe you had your camera at BJ's!! Only someone who does not want to miss anything anywhere.

Dorinda said...

You go mama! I don't do BJ's alone. Kirk and I usually take all 5 just because we need so much and that is a chore! How bad is it when our "date" has been a trip alone to BJ's??

And you brought a camera?! I am doubly impressed. Or should I say triply?? Let me know if you're still bringing them next year :)

rachael said...

yay! isn't it empowering to get out with them and feel somewhat normal?!?! way to go!

The Kelseys said...

Good for you! I don't think I would brave this one by myself yet!

salli said...

Way to go, Amy! I'm so impressed (yet again).