Monday, December 1, 2008


*** Updated 12/2: No sooner had I typed this lovely thought than Ava stretched me to my limit...and I snapped!  It's the screaming.  I'm sure of it.  It's the high-pitched-dogs-gathering-on-the-front-porch- nails-running-down-the-chalkboard-continuous-loud-did-I-mention-high-pitched screaming!  It's anytime she's not in control.  Anytime she's not getting her way.  And it's driving me INSANE!  Thankfully, my mom answered her phone (thanks Mom...hope I didn't make you too late for work).  Today is a new day.  And so far today, we're okay.  The's still there...but it's not making me snap.  One day at a time, right? ***

What a great Thanksgiving, we had!  It was so good, I totally blew off my blog!  =)

Aside from losing the garbage disposal plug in the Turkey pan (not IN the actual turkey...just stuck in the turkey lifter), it was rather uneventful.  My Dad took the two "big kids" into NYC in the morning to visit his brother & sister's families.  They had a great time, and it cleared out the house (somewhat) for dinner prep.

I should have taken a picture of the was GORGEOUS.  Shane borrowed two long tables from church and set them up side-by-side on the back porch.  All 11 adults were able to sit together.  The "big kids" sat next to us at their own table.  And the babies (all 4) cooperated by napping!  The food was good, but the conversation and relaxing time was even better.

Since my parents came down Wednesday afternoon, Dad and I were able to rake up a bunch of the backyard leaves.  Thursday's weather was nice enough that the boys (including Cole) were able to head out back with PopPop & Uncle Tim for some fresh air after lunch.

Dessert was PLENTIFUL, to say the least.  Our neighbors came over as well as another couple we know from church.

One of our family traditions (carried on from Shane's family) is the Thanksgiving Poster.  Throughout the day, everyone is supposed to add what they're thankful for.  I realize you can't make out most of the comments and drawings on our board, but trust me, they're good!

There's a lot that I'm thankful for this past year: 5 healthy children, a loving (and helpful) husband, supportive families, disposable diapers, high-efficiency washing machine and dryers, clean people that come every two weeks...I could go on.  But what I'm REALLY thankful for (down deep under all the complaining) is how the Lord is stretching me.  I can't say that I feel that thankfulness at 3am or after an hour and a half of whining or after complete failure (twice) of not getting a good Christmas picture, but I am thankful.  Everyday, I'm shown areas that I need to grow.  Areas that I am growing.  Areas that I have grown.  I never would have imagined that I could handle being a mom to five kids.  And although there are days that I don't handle it well, I survive.  And there ARE days that I do MORE than survive...I actually find myself having fun and enjoying myself. 

So I'm thankful for the stretching.


rachael said...

love the window decorations :) sounds like you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

Kris said...

Sounds like Thanksgiving was tons of fun! I love the family photo!

Amy said...

amen to the stretching....

Superhero Mom said...

We carry on a similar tradition (also learned by the Higby family) from one of the many holidays spent with them as well. Wishing you a blessed season Amy. BTW...has your address changed since last year...would like to send you a Christmas card...I sent them to Shannon & Cory last year too, but not sure anyone still lives at the addresses that I have. Well, hope to hear from you.