Sunday, November 23, 2008

School Pictures

School pictures bring mixed emotions for me.  On ONE hand, I love getting my kids' pictures back.  On the OTHER hand, I hate looking at my old school pictures.  There are the "pre-braces" pictures and the strange style clothing pictures and of course, the years where AquaNet was my best friend.  But the picture I really hate?  I think it was 7th grade.  The first year I could wear make-up.  I'm positive that my mom sat home that year and thought, "Oh...this is going to be great!  In 20 years, this single picture is going to pay Amy back for all the problems she's given me!"  Why, you ask, would I think that sweet, innocent, loving Christine would think that?  Two Words: BLUE MASCARA!  Don't scroll down thinking I posted the picture.  I didn't.  I won't.  I'm pretty sure I've burned most copies of said picture!

This week, Ty came home with his first ever school picture.  This is his first year of preschool.  He loves it!  We had a parent/teacher conference a few weeks ago and it was quite fun to sit through.  At one point, his teacher (Mrs. Bushman) was reviewing Ty's "numbers".  They ask the kids to count "as high as they can".  Usually, the child counts to 20...sometimes in the teens.  I think Zoe counted to 12, 13 or something...then got all confused.  Ty?  109!  And Mrs. Bushman said that she thinks she may have sighed or something because Ty looked at her, tilted his head, raised his eyebrows and said, "Do you want me to keep going?"  Oh boy!  Nana Higby sure nicknamed him right when he was little: The Professor.

Here's his class.  (I cropped the picture so that the kids' names wouldn't show.)  I love the fact that none of the kids are "picture perfect".

Zoe had her school picture taken a few weeks ago, too.  She's getting SO big.  I can't believe it.

And here's "1S" (just like Ty's class, I cut off names).

I guess these won't be the pictures Zoe & Ty will look back on and are embarrassed by.  Maybe next year.


~ MJ ~ said...

Those pictures turned out great! I don't remember mine being that good. haha

Mom said...

Amyyyyy-What do you mean "payback"? What trouble? You were the perfect child. (most of the time anyway) Just remember when Zoe and Ava go through their make-up stage just let them do it. Nature will take it's course and they will soon discover the natural look is much easier.

listompo said...

Awwwww! They look so cute! I can't believe how big Ty and Zoe are getting.

Amy said...

Beautiful pics!!!! :) so darn cute!