Monday, January 18, 2016

The Dubsmash Craze

Do your kids always get along? Be honest. And if you're still answering 'yes', then we can't be friends. Mine are the kids that are pushing each other's buttons within 2 minutes of being awake. As soon as they are in the car, there's arguing and mocking before we even leave the school parking lot. I'm pretty sure the boys would wrestle in their sleep if they shared a bed.

So when they play together, or work together, or stand up for each other, or ask to sleep in each other's room, it warms this momma's heart.

The other night, they were working together to avoid bedtime. The boys wanted to stay up and watch the Football Championship. The girls wanted to stay up because the boys were up. The parents wanted silence and peace. That's when it happened. It was almost as if they realized the power they had together. They each pulled out their iPods and asked to show "just one thing" to me.

I started laughing.

"Shane have you seen these?"

It worked. We spent almost an hour laughing and trying to get Daddy to tape one too.

Yes, Dubsmash, the you and the kids won that round!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How Long Has It Been?

It's unbelievable to me that I haven't blogged regularly in so long. I can remember looking forward to my time on the couch every night that I could sit down and sort through my thoughts about the day via blogging. I miss reading about my friends and what they're up to. Although I have started following many of my former blog bodies on Instagram and Facebook. Somehow, that's not the same as seeing a new blog post come across my reading list. And honestly, I'd love to get off Facebook all together! Looking over the last few posts that I did write, I do see a theme of "I'm going to get back to this!" And yet still, there aren't a steady flow of posts following that moment of clarity.

But that's not why I'm here tonight.

I'm not really sure exactly why I am.

Yet, it totally makes sense that I am! And I'm so thankful to be tapping on these keys.

Here's my list of excuses for not blogging in a nutshell (don't want to bore you too much):

  1. Kids. Yup. Not exactly something that I suddenly happened upon, but suddenly their bedtimes weren't as early. They required more of my day. More of my life. More of my vigor and spark. By the time I sat on the couch I just couldn't muster the energy to make a complete sentence. SOLUTION: Oh well, suck it up Amy. Sit and make time for yourself to unload the craziness (and a ton of great memories). It's so much cheaper than therapy!
  2. The computer. Remember when I got my new Sony laptop and it was all mine!? It was even engraved!!! Well, it quickly became the secondary homework computer. Plus, my husband started using it for any of his personal computer needs rather than using his work laptop (smart, I guess). And before I knew it, the "new" became "old". It happens in the blink of an eye with technology. SOLUTION: I bought a new (to me) laptop. Couldn't beat the price! Another advantage of having parents that love to stay current with their technology. Yes, my mom's Mac is newer and better than mine. What's your point?
  3. I remember back school, my English teacher used to say that a list isn't a list unless there are 3 items on it. Well...I can't really think of a third thing to put here. So just pretend, will ya?

I'm not making any promises, but this feels good. This feels like the good old days. I can't wait to start putting some stories to paper (or screen). Starting my "To Blog" list now. STAY TUNED...

In the's an updated family shot...