Sunday, November 9, 2008


I've been reading Angie's Bring the Rain blog since she started writing, pretty much.  She's amazing with her words and always such an encouragement.  I've laughed, cried and laughed again almost everytime she writes.

The other day, she wrote about the importance of praying for our children.  I totally agree.  The problem is, I always get caught up in my day and "forget" to pray for them.  She had a great solution...and a wonderful challenge.

I'm joining her...will you?  Not just for a week...but hopefully, for a lifetime!


Anonymous said...

tridyes I will join you. Its a very important thing. I will pray for your family too.
Love Lois

Amy said...

thank you for posting this, amy....i definitely want to try to do this this week. :)