Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Memory Lane

I just came back from a long walk down memory lane...and boy are my legs tired!
Remember when I would post (somewhat) nightly about the goings on here in Higbyland? How did I have the energy? How did I have the time? How did I get control of the laptop long enough?
I miss it.
And rather than promise that I'm going to get back on the blogging bandwagon, I'm just going to update you on what's new and exciting here. You say "exciting", I say "crazy". I really don't know where to start.  It's been almost a year and a half! How about some quick and dirty updates?

Zoe...12...7th grade
Soccer Player
School-work Hater
Social Butterfly
New owner of her first cell phone (which was taken away for the first time less than a week after she received it. Momma likes the new punishment possibility!)
Ty...10...5th grader...
Baseball Lover
Football Tolerator (he actually loves it...but is a little slow to admit it)
Smartie Pants
The triplets...7!  Yes, SEVEN! How'd that happen?  They're in 2nd grade! They couldn't be more different. Their first day of Kindergarten, I sat at Starbucks in shock.  We had survived.  We'd lived through toddler years and actually managed to send them to school in one piece.

The boys are currently playing football (Eli wanted to...I made Cole). Eli loves it. Cole puts up with it. Last fall we did soccer and it was about the same level of enthusiasm...thumbs up from Eli...tolerance from Cole. Same with Spring and Baseball.  Eli is clearly the sports kid.  LOVES the NY Giants, NY Yankees, and Sportscenter. Cole would rather read, color, or jump on the trampoline.


Ava is a teenager trapped in a 7 year old's body.  Yes, she's still small.  But her attitude and personality aren't.  Occasionally, things will come out of her mouth like, "B-T-dubs...I invited Ashleigh over after school tomorrow!" She's cheering for Cole and Eli on the football sidelines. And is reading Junie B Jones or Young Cam Jansen anytime she isn't running around outside or playing Club Penguins with her friends.

As for me...same old same old. Not running as much as I was. Have given up on scrapbooking and learning to use my DSLR. Have taken up hot yoga. Really wish there were more hours in the day to get through my To Do List.

That didn't take so long!
See you all again soon...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

GymFest 2013

I'm pretty sure I've posted a bazillion (yes that's a word) times before about my girls and their gymnastic skills. What can I say?  I'm a proud momma!  A few weeks ago, they had their annual GymFest.  Neither of them compete (I'm so not ready for that...and thankfully...neither are they) so this is the one time during the year that they can show us what they're really working on.  Well, aside from the handstands, splits and cartwheels in the Family Room.

Since they are both in "special" classes (Zoe is in Advanced and Ava is in Development) they were given specific shows that they were to go to.  So basically, we spent an entire morning at the US Gymnastics Center.

Ava was first...

I'm not sure if her love of gymnastics is a true love of the sport or the fact that she gets to hang with BFF Ashleigh for an additional 2 hours every week.

She's very proud of her handstand, back bend, and split!


I'm amazed at how much more confident she's gotten this year. There were days in September that she needed to be pealed out of my arms.  But now, she runs right in to Betta!

After Ava, it was Zoe's turn.  Some of her siblings weren't thrilled to be staying, but a bag of skittles and free reign with Dad's phone and the iPad made them forget they were about to sit through another two hours of gymnastics.

Zoe is more of a "let's see how high I can fly" type of Gymnast. Don't get me wrong, she cares about her handstands and cartwheels (on the beam) and her splits (they freak out Dad), but she loves to jump. High!

And dive.

I enjoy watching her get as much energy out as possible.  It's really quite incredible!

Huge props to her coaches that have to harness that energy...along with a dozen other girls just like her!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bread - It makes me happy

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy baking.  But by "baking", I mean pies, cookies, cakes, etc.  And every Christmas, I've coveted my friends' Kitchen Aid mixers. Honestly, it wasn't even JUST Christmas that I got a little green with envy.  Anytime I took out that hand mixer and tried to cream not-yet-room-temperature butter. But guess what I got for my birthday?  (Did you read that in the sing-song rhythm that I typed it? No? Go back and read it again.)

Yup, I am finally a full blown baker!  Well...not quite, my eyes, one must be able to make bread before they can claim the title of "Baker".  I think it's the yeast that scares me. So, naturally, I attacked that challenge first!

It wasn't a complete disaster, but clearly, I needed to call in a professional.  My friend Emily is in the midst of adopting a little girl.  To help raise money for the extreme cost, she is doing auctions and making dinners.  She makes delicious bread.  De. Lish. Us. Bread.  Naturally, she was my first call.  We pulled out our calendars and picked a baking day.  What a great time we had!


We've tried to have another baking day, but it just hasn't worked out with our calendars.  So sad.  Still, I highly recommend calling up a girlfriend who can do something you want to do...and getting together to learn either FROM her or WITH her.  It was basically a grown-up girl play date.  And now, something that will always remind me of her.  Every time I bake her bread, I pray for her little girl.  I can't wait until the prayers can change from "bring her safely to her new family" to the day-to-day requests!

In the meantime, I've tackled so many more yummy treats: pretzels, pull-apart bread, and cinnamon bread just to name a few.

The problem I have now?  All this baking...means I need to do more running!

Anyone got any good recipes?

Seuss Day

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in March, the kids' school celebrated Dr. Seuss.  It was a fabulous day.  The kids each wanted to dress up as a different character, and the sucker that I am, I obliged.

We had a Cat in the Hat...

...a Lorax...

...a Grinch...

...a Cindy Lou Who...

...and a Sam...

Each class visited the "Cat in the Hat Cafe". After a quick snack, the older kids read to the younger ones.

 It was great to see teachers and even the principal get in on the fun.

It may have been a lot of work, but I'd say the payoff was worth it! (For the record: Eli is playing the Grinch, he's not sulking.)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hoop Dreams

Saturday was Ty's last basketball game of the season. Some of the family is a little happier than others.  Not everyone enjoyed sitting at the games.

He had a fabulous year on the Ramsey Rebels. They finished the season 17-9-1.

They are a great group of boys and wonderful coaches. The coaches have a great "I don't care about the score" philosophy. They play man-to-man defense and run a motion offense.  They run their butts off. Oh, wait, the kids aren't allowed to say that word, so I guess I shouldn't either.  "They run their rears off." It's wonderful!

To you "non-basketball" people (is there really such a thing?) that's all really cool.  It means they are teaching my boy the basics.  Ty is learning to love the game in it's pure form.  Not the NBA version.  Not the watered down, "everyone should win" version, either.

But what I really truly appreciate the most about this season is how much more Ty loves the to play.  Sure, he knows more. He's gotten better, too. But he WANTS to play.  He shoots in the driveway, watches college hoops, and we've even gone to our neighbor's high school playoff game.

Some of the Ty's games were really fun to watch.  There were games that everything clicked and the ball went in the hoop.  There were games when it really looked like basketball, but we lost anyway.  There were also games that were flat out ugly. 

Yes, that's a final score after 4 six-minute quarters.

Still, this basketball-loving-mom enjoyed every game (even if sometimes I forgot they were 9 yo's playing and I may have gotten a little competitive and riled up.)

So proud of you, Ty!