Monday, November 3, 2008

NICU Reunion

Last Sunday (10/26) our hospital's NICU had their annual reunion.  Last year, we were too little to go.  Not to mention there was the whole RSV threat.  But this year, I was really looking forward to seeing the doctors and nurses. 

Since it was close to Halloween, dressing up was optional.  We opted out.  I was afraid the triplets would be scared out of wearing the outfits for the "real deal".

"The Gang" was a bit too young to enjoy all the festivities: face painting, tatoos, great snacks, pumpkin painting, etc.  But they did get their pumpkins and Eli managed to even hold his for a full 5 seconds (long enough for a picture) before he chucked it across the room!  Shane and I are pretty sure we have a future MLB pitcher on our hands.  Just like Shane, when he was little, Eli throws EVERYTHING!

Even though our main nurse wasn't there (she recently had a baby and is still out on Maternity Leave), we did get to see a few of our other nurses and OF COURSE got to check in with Dr. Mangienello. 

And just for sentiments sake, here are a few pictures of Nurse Cathy with Ava on her discharge day:

I was a little surprised by the turnout.  The hospital splits up the reunion by age: 1-3 and then 4+.  There were about 10 "singletons" and their families there, about 5 sets of twins and 3 sets of triplets (including us).

The day I was checking out of Valley after my C-Section, another mom, pregnant with triplets, was "checking in" for a month of bedrest.  Her babies (also BBG) were born about 6 months after us.  Since then, Karina and I have gotten to know each other through our local triplet group.  It was nice knowing at least one other family at the reunion.

Next year, with two year-olds, the "party" will be much more interesting, I'm sure!


Barclay 5 said...

I recently saw Dr. Mang at the Mary Fund Dinner. Amazing, he knows everyone's names - how?


rachael said...

oh, how fun! i wish we could have attended ours this year!

Amy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, Amy. The electoral college thing drives me crazy, too, but I guess it really didn't matter in the long run. I'll give him a chance to prove us all wrong. Hopefully it will be a change for the better and not for the worse.