Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tiniest Teenager Around

(Quick side note: I've been without a computer for almost 2 months...lots of ugly viruses...still don't have all my pictures back from the I apologize in advance for the cell phone pictures.)

Little Miss Ava has turned into quite the teenager-in-training. She may be small...

...but she doesn't let that stop her "attitude".

The other day, I was at a breaking point and completely fed up with my children's lack of listening and obeying. I admit it...I was yelling. Loudly. And at the end of my tirade, I told the kids they were to be silent the rest of the car ride. After about 5 minutes, I had gathered myself. I took a deep breath and began to apologize for the yelling.

At the very first phrase from my mouth, I heard a deep sigh from the car seat behind me...

...and, "Here we go again..." At the end of my apology, another small sigh, "That was awkward!"

She's three!  What, on earth, will she be like at 13?