Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's not as easy as I thought

With Zoe & Ty, naptime wasn't completely "scheduled".  It just sort of happened.  And with Ty, it was a matter of necessity that he moved to one nap as soon as possible.  Cole, Eli & Ava...different story!  Trying to get three babies to agree when that one nap should  be is nothing short of a nightmare.  Cole's an early napper.  Ava's a late napper.  Eli...well...he's an ALL DAY napper.

Thirteen days ago, the triplets and I started our journey.  We decided it was time to move to one nap.  Aside from the fact that two naps really cramped my social life, it was pretty frustrating trying to get "baby-free" things done.  With two 1 1/2 hour naps, I really only got about 45 minutes to myself.  By the time I got the last baby to was usually less than an hour before the first baby was waking up.  So I made an executive decision and made naptime 12n (that way I could still pick up Ty from school and get home before the babies fell asleep).

So far, our success rate is about 85%.

A few times, the gang's fallen asleep on the way home from the Y (around 10:30) and I would just wake them up when we got home...feed them...let them play...and then head back out to pick up Ty.  They do go back down...but 1p.

Somedays, they fall asleep on the ride home from picking up Ty (around 11:45).  The problem with that is, transferring them from the van is not always successful. Usually, it's Eli that wakes up, and then he won't go back down AT ALL.

Then there's days like today: Cole decided he wanted to get up early this morning.  Early as in 4:45am.  That's not just early, it's INSANE!  So by snacktime (10am), he was falling asleep eating his goldfish.  I put him down for a nap at 10:30 and came downstairs to find Ava starting to dose off, too.  So I put her down and figured I should shoot for the trifecta and put Eli down, as well (usually, he sleeps no matter WHEN you put him down).  Sure enough...all three went down without a peep!  Now here we are at almost 1:30pm, and I'm starting to hear some stirring.

The problem with this early nap thing is two fold: 1) Bedtime can't come fast enough which means it'll be another early morning and we've got a horrible cycle started & 2) What am I going to do come Sunday when Daylight Savings kicks in?


Proud Momma X 3 said...

Same here, it's been a HUGE adjustment. I've seriously wondered about come Sunday too.
I hope it gets better for you so your all at a 100% ;)
Take care!

Helen said...

Oh I'm so nervous about Daylight Saving Time on Sunday... Last year wasn't too big of a deal but I have visions of children bouncing in their cribs at 6am this year.

Following Him said...

Hang in there girl! Day Light Savings coming back usually messes me up more in the spring.
They will eventually get it :o

Dorinda said...

Oh, I remember those days. Even though the girls have been on one nap a day since the end of May I still don't think Rachel has adjusted! She too could sleep all day!

Our girls go down at 8, up around 8, down at 12 and up at 3 - they have learned to play if they're awake. I know it's a long haul but you can do it!! Is it possible to do a real short nap in the AM (or PM) and a longer nap in the opposite so they get used to the one nap thing?

Just a thought...

Kris said...

I have been playing around with dropping the am nap too, but after a few days of failure I stopped for a bit. I give them a 30-45 min am nap then usually get at least a 2 hour afternoon nap. I hope to drop that am nap here very shortly.

I know this doesn't help now, but what I did was to move their schedule up 15 minutes everyday so for last night and tonight bedtime was 8:15 instead of 7:15 like normal.
Hang in there!