Monday, July 20, 2009

Just when I was getting on a roll...

I realize it's been a little bit of feast or famine around this blog lately.

In June, it was a crazy travel schedule (which I've yet to finishing blogging).

But I was just getting back to a more regular blogging schedule when lightning struck.  Literally!

Friday night, I was scrapbooking when my phone rang.  I knew right away something was up: Shane NEVER calls...he texts questions or sends pictures...but that's it.  He knows better than to interupt my precious Creative Memories time.  The weather outside was another clue that this call couldn't have good news.  I could hear the house alarm in the background before I even said 'hello'.  Apparently, something outside was hit by lightning.  Shane said it was, "the loudest thing (he'd) ever heard!"  Immediately, the lights flashed, and the house alarm started blaring.  Only, the code wasn't shutting the alarm off.  Add to that the stress of Zoe waking up...panicked (the Gardner's fire is still pretty fresh in her memory).  As a sidenote: No other children woke up!

Eventually, the alarm shut off, but continued to flash and beep (very annoying).  Our phones were was the internet and the tv.  After over an hour on the phone with Verizon and the alarm company, we ended up doing a lot of unplugging and plugging back in.  Nothing worked with the FiOS.  The beeping finally stopped after taking the battery out of the alarm but it wasn't until SUNDAY at 6:30pm that we were back in contact with the outside world.  Okay, so that's slightly over-dramatic being that Shane and I both had working cell phones!

My point is laptop is still a little "iffy".  My internet connection goes in and out, depending on it's mood!  So be patient, there's lots of news around here to post...(and no...the "news" is not that we're having more kids!)


Momma Gesswein said...

that happened to us a few years ago, our house was definitely one of the tallest in the neighborhood, and it got a shot that sent all the fire alarms into overdrive, and fried our computer, and that was our introduction to macs...b/c we bought a mac instead of a pc...and I've never looked back, it was a wonderful "shot from god!"

Shawn said...

Hey there! Visiting over from SITS!

Great family you have there----so adorable!

Yay East coast----I am from Boston---but often am down your way on gigs....

Keep in touch!

monica said...

Wow lighting stricks can be very bad for electrical things, glad to hear that your stuff is okay.

Stopping in from SiTS to say HI!