Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick Turnaround

We got home from our PA excursion Saturday night. Shane and I put the kids to bed and unpacked the car. Grammy and Granddad continued on home. The next morning, Shane took the big kids to church and I worked on unpacking, plugging through the laundry, and then re-packing. That's right...RE-packing!

Sunday evening, the kids and I headed up to CT for Summer Bible Club (SBC) at my parent's church. Shane needed to stay home for work, unfortunately. So, this would be my first solo trip with all five kids anywhere further than 1/2 hour away (let alone overnight). Granted, we were staying with my parents, so I wasn't COMPLETELY solo.

What I didn't realize when we decided to do this, was that we would need to be at SBC at 8:45a. Ummmmm? Okay. I mean, I got Zoe to school by 8:30 this year. But (and this is a really big "but") 9 times out of 10, the babies were in their PJs and I was not exactly "public ready". So how was I going to get 5 kids AND myself ready, fed, out the door and to SBC by 8:45a? Well. I'm proud to say, we did! It wasn't always pretty. We weren't always right on time. But we did it!

Club was great. I can't say enough how much we loved it and how much work VCBC (my parents' church) put into it. I'd love to get an official number of how many kids were there. It seemed like a lot. Like...a lot!''

(This is only the "big kids" about 1/2 the there was an evening session!)

Zoe made a great friend: Mollie.

Ty did great, too. For a really shy 5 y.o. only took him until Day 2 (with a bribe from mom) to stay in his group without Grammy!

One of the highlights of the trip, though, was Granddad's post-club activity plans (during triplet naptime) each afternoon. So stay tuned for the next post all about "Camp Granddad"...

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