Monday, July 27, 2009

The Flood Gates Have Opened!

The weekend that we lost contact to the outside world, we were slightly bored.  We decided lightning wasn't exciting enough.  We decided it was time to expand the triplet's horizons.  Over the last few weeks, they have been getting pretty frustrated with being in "the gated community".  Understandably, a 15x17 foot room has got to feel small for 3 (almost) 2-year olds.
Being the naive, already-been-through-this-twice, parents that we are, we slapped a few safety latches on some cabinets, gated off the office and the stairs, and let the babies loose.

5 exhausting hours later, we realized there was NO WAY we could leave things that way.  Sunday afternoon, during naptime, we quickly pulled back their boundaries and limited them to the family room, kitchen, dining room and the mudroom.  All areas that I could see (more or less) as long as I was down here with them.  We also added a few more latches but discovered that our drawers are not "latchable".  Oh boy.

Still...Monday wasn't exactly a cake-walk.  By 7:00p, I was fried...and that was with help from 10-1!  I wanted to curl up in bed and never come out.  Monday night, Shane put latches on MORE cabinets and took nobs off some of the drawers, hoping that deter the 3 Stooges (great idea on paper, but Ava's got the fine motor skills of a 3 year old, so it didn't slow her down for long!)

Tuesday brought and oven fire.  Not to worry, it wasn't serious...just stinky!  The babies found the plastic utensils and threw a bunch into the oven.  I saw them do it, so before I started dinner, I scooped them all out (or so I thought).  Apparently, a SOMETHING slipped through the slats on the bottom of the oven into where the flame is.  I couldn't see it.  Zoe and I doused the flames with a pitcher of water and came up with a Plan B for dinner.  When Shane came home, he took the bottom plate off and pulled out a clump of burnt plastic.

Wednesday...guess what I found in the oven?  MORE plastic utensils!  I quickly called my mother-in-law to see if she could come rescue me long enough that I could run to Babies R Us and get an oven lock!  Something I'd never used with Zoe or Ty.  But now, with 30 fingers tugging and pulling on everything, the safety aisle at BRU is so much more educational than last time around!  Now if there's only something I can find that'll work on the dishwasher.

Everyday, the babies are calming down a little more.  Everyday is getting a little more bearable.  Emphasis on the word LITTLE!

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Helen said...

One word for baby proofing those drawers: Velcro! That's what we used to baby proof all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Every once in a while we have to replace the velcro because as it gets used it loses some of it's stickyness, but all in all it works great AND it's cheap!