Thursday, July 23, 2009

Think of it as Camping

For those of you that have been following the plight of Cole's Climbing, you should know that it reached a new milestone yesterday.  (***I started this post before the lightning strike and subsequent internet outtage.  For referrence, the "milestone" was reached 7/16***)

At approximately 6:45am, I was awoken by a soft, gentle, 5-year old voice whispering my name, "Mom.  Mom.  Cole's in my room!"  Ugh.  And so the day began.  Not only was Cole climbing out of his crib when he didn't want to go DOWN to sleep.  He is now climbing out (rather quitely, I might add) when he's ready to face the day.

Thankfully, Cole was content to watch Playhouse Disney for awhile while I brewed some MUCH NEEDED coffee and got the babies' breakfast going.  I'm proud to say that I've been working rather hard at some of the developmental milestones the Cole, Eli and Ava need to be working on.  One of them being independant know...with actual UTENSILS.  I'm not a big fan of this has been a challenge for me.  So, along with their cups of milk, I gave them oatmeal for breakfast, along with some (dry) Kix, a banana, some raisins and a yogurt.  Not just ONE bowl, but TWO...a new challenge.  Can you imagine the mess?  I've discovered that I stress less if I don't watch...just just let them eat...listen and watch through a small mirror...therefore avoiding the mess until they're done.

ALL THAT TO SAY...I must not have been watching the mirror too closely, because I turned around from the sink and practically tripped over Cole.  Yup.  He'd climbed out of his highchair.  Great.

Later that day, while I was out running errands and Cara was home with the kiddos, I got a text: What should I do if I can't keep Cole in his crib for naptime? 

That did it!  I changed my errands route to include Babies R Us!  Unfortunately, BRU "doesn't carry crib tents in-store anymore."  Really?  Because a crib tent doesn't strike me as a "planned" purchase!  Not to worry, the otherside of Route 17 has Buy Buy Baby and they had about 60...and in 2 different models, no less!

What I love about this tent (don't mind the pink crib sheet, it was the only one clean when I put the tent on!) is that the "tent" goes all the way down the inside of the crib and under the mattress.  An added bonus: Cole won't be getting his chubby appendages stuck in any spindles.  PLUS, no toys falling behind the crib or getting thrown overboard!

Cole loved investigating this new "toy" on his crib.

The first night, there was plenty of tears once the zipper was zipped.  Each night/naptime has gotten easier.  He doesn't seem to mind it anymore.  As a matter of fact, Eli and Ava seem a bit jealous now.


Shelli (wishes she was) Mrs. Burchett;) said...

That is the coolest thing ever! I wonder if they make them for teenagers who like to sneak out? lol

Helen said...

Nice! Last night Chase was mad about going to bed a slung a leg up on the rail like he was trying to get out. I hollered "No Sir Mr. Chase!" and he got back down, but I think I see a crib tent in my future....