Thursday, July 30, 2009

A "Flood" Update

Are you wondering how things are going now that the monkeys are all loose?  I suppose a sarcastic answer would be, "Have you not noticed my bloggy absence?"  But since I'm not sarcastic...oh...wait...

Honestly, it's getting better.  Slowly.  Slower than I'd hoped.  But they have re-discovered their toys.

I, too, have discovered them...

Tupperware in the bread drawer.

Matchbox cars in the Tupperware drawer.

Magnets in the pen drawer.

Pens..well...not in the pen drawer.

Sugar (from the sugar bowl) as sand art on the kitchen floor. (Don't look for a picture...I was way too angry!)

And then there are shoes.  Shoes that are supposed to be in shoe bins.  Nice shoe bins that my hubby made.  One for everyone. 

But Eli seems to like shoes.  A lot!  He loves going into the mudroom, finding a pair of shoes (yes, matching), putting them on, touring the house, and then returning for another pair. 

The problem is, that the shoes don't always end up back in the mudroom.'re really rolling the dice on whether or not you'll find the pair you're looking well as both shoes.  I've started allowing extra time if I'm heading out..."shoe finding time".


Following Him said...

Hopefully they will not do any sugar art this weekend!
WoW...I guess they like their new-found freedom!

Amy said...

isn't curiousity a sign of intelligence? :) think of it as you're improving their IQ...
i don't know how you do it ~ praying for you :)