Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Just Stuff

It's been a rough 36 hours or so around here. I'm finding it a little hard to post crazy, silly, funny stories and pictures of my kids. Actually, any sense of "back to normal" has been hard to reach. I'm sorta hoping that posting this will help.

Tuesday morning, our neighbors across the street lost their home in a fire. I made the initial 911 call after waking up to their screams for help. All 5 of them made it out alive, but their 3 dogs didn't.

If you want to read about it, click here.

These neighbors have been so special to us. They welcomed us to the neighborhood when we moved in 6 1/2 years ago. We've built wonderful relationships with them. Our kids (despite the significant age differences) are friends. This doesn't happen to people I know! This doesn't happen to people I love! This only happens on the news!!

Today, the "new normal" started. Their kids all went back to school and Kyra & John took care of things at the house. It was Kyra's first time back since leaving mid-morning yesterday. I got to talk with her a little bit after she came and quite a few times as the day moved on. As the day progressed, Kyra would tell me of some of the things they were able to savage from the one small room that they were allowed to enter. Things that she didn't think mattered. But every single one of them held sentimental value! Even though they were few...they were something. Before Kyra left to go back to their temporary home, we sat on my front porch again. The very place we'd sat in tears less than 36 hours before. We recounted all the blessings and miracles. And while the frustration and sadness isn't over, there was definitely peace on that porch.

To quote John, "This is just stuff. We can replace stuff. I have the most important things in my life – my wife and my children...We’re very, very fortunate.”


Helen said...

Wow. I don't know what else to say! The article, the video and your blog post made me tear up for these people. It's also reminded me that Nick and I should probably re-evaluate our emergency plans (tornado and fire) considering the boys are getting bigger and it would be tough to just dump all three in a laundry basket!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh man. I wasn't expecting to read that! What a horrible thing that they are going through. John is so right though--stuff can be replaced, thank GOD they are all okay. But, I am soooo sorry about the dogs. I can't imagine how tough this would be.

I had a friend whose family lost their home in a fire. She said the one thing that stuck out to her at first (Before the memories and losses came flooding into her mind) was that she didn't have any old clothes to put on to work in. They had to buy old clothes. There are so many things that we take for granted and just don't even think about until faced with loss like that.

I'll be praying for them. KUP on how they are.

Alida said...

You are all in our prayers. Praise the Lord that everyone got out safe. Materials things are just that, materials things. All that can be replaced. Lives of the ones you love cannot. As a dog lover....I'm so very sorry to here they didn't make it. Please let your neighbors know that even people in VT are praying for them.

Dorinda said...

I am sorry to hear that. I will be in prayer for your neighbors. I can't imagine the task of having to replace all my things even if they are just things!!

salli said...

Ugh...what terrible news about their home ande dogs. But like your neighbor said, the family is all okay.

Alexis! said...

Such a horrible event, I can imagine how horrifying that much have been for their children and yours. A shame their dogs didn't make it out. I hope their life is much better now, and back to relatively normal.