Saturday, July 4, 2009

Camp Granddad I was saying...

One of the highlights of our time in CT were all the activities that Granddad had planned for the big kids each afternoon.

On Monday, we (Zoe, Ty, Granddad & I) went on a bike ride. There are absolutely NO pictures of the outing...because I was sure I was going to fall off the bike, so I didn't bring my camera, in fear it'd meet and untimely death! I'll spare you the gorie details: let's just say that even though the outting went a little longer than anticipated, Zoe and I had a blast!  I think I might actually invest in a bike.  It's a great workout.  My bum was SO sore the next day, though.

Tuesday, we hit the links. Minature ones. Zoe thought she was Tiger Woods and REALLY wanted to drive one. Ty was pretty impressive on the front 9...even getting a hole-in-one on the first hole. The back 9...well...not so much!

After our time on the course, we all (8) of us went to Uncle Tim's (my older brother) house for a BBQ and some time in the pool. By the time we got there, a storm was blowing in, so the only swimmers were Zoe, Ty and Granddad. Again, there were ugly details, so I'll just say the babies didn't stay through dessert...or dinner, for that matter!

Wednesday was a bit more low key. Zoe and Ty were definitely slowing down, so we hung out after lunch and when the babies were awake, we drove to Cabela's. EVERYONE had a great time.  The store is HUGE and has so much to look at and do (besides shopping).

Like an aquarium tunnel...

And Museum of Natural History-like animals to look at and read about...

Tents to try out...

And best of all...guns to shoot!

I should back up...before we left for Cabela's, Granddad got out his bike and took the triplets for a ride.  They LOVED it!

Unfortunately, we had to head home on Thursday!  Boo...Hisss!  We really had a great time, but were afraid that we'd get stuck in July 4th traffic if we hung out until Friday.  We'll DEFINITELY be back next year...better get ready, Grammy and Granddad!

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Alexis! said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! That store looks pretty cool too, looks like way more than a typical Bass Pro Shop, haha.

I wonder if they make those bike seaters with three seats? :)