Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Leaf Guys

Ty was VERY impressed with Granddad and Daddy's pile of leaves.  They worked very hard on Friday to clear our yard.  The massive wall of foliage in front of our house proves it!  Ty described it as something like the "most ginormousist pile in the world".  (Hey, he's smart...but not exactly a master of the english language quite yet...he's 4!)

Today, the joy of the leaf pile was multiplied by the fact that Ty was able to watch "The Leaf Guys" (a.k.a.: the town's public works employees) come and vacuum up those leaves.

Hey, do you think I could get a super-powered vacuum like that to clean up toys in the playroom?


rachael said...

that is too cute!

man, how i wish they made a vacuum like that!

Helen said...

We need one of those in our town! DH had to make several trips with the Jeep stuffed full to the recyling center!

And my boys are facinated when the garbage guys come... must be a boy/truck thing.

Amy said...

If you find a vaccuum like that, let me know :)