Thursday, December 11, 2008

I was feeling brave

I've always wanted to be a mom that was creative and fun.  One that did fun and messy projects with her kids.  A mom that had activities planned and organized for after homework time was done.

I'm not one of those moms.

I don't like messes.  I hate play-doh.  I loathe sandboxes.  Painting only happens in warm weather around here so that it can be done OUTSIDE.  For crying out loud, the LEGOs are on the top shelf and RARELY come down...if ever!

But it's mid-December and there isn't much Christmas happening around here.  Shane's been sick.  Too sick to do the outside decorations and too sick to take the big kids for a tree.  I haven't done much shopping.  I've done practically NO baking.  Aside from a few snowmen, nativity sets and the advent calendar, I'm not feeling very Christmassy.  So, I think I may have over-compensated:

They had a blast!  And, honestly, it really wasn't that bad.  Sure, the icing got a little messy, but next time, I'll do things a little differently.  Yes, I said next time!  I think we might make this an annual tradition.  Not only did the kids have fun, now I have another decoration.  Bonus for the fact that I don't have to actually STORE it after Christmas is over!

Here's the finished product.

(Zoe's side...notice various attempts at patterns)

(Ty's may notice he didn't get to to gumballs in time...Zoe snagged 'em all!)


Sullins' Spot said...

It looks awesome! And just so you know, at heart, I am truly not one of those Mom's either. I have to fight everything in me to get it done and the house has to be clean already to accomplish so that I don't get too frustrated.

I think you did a fabulous job!

Helen said...

Aww cute! Glad they had fun! So what's next? Pudding for the trio? ;)

Following Him said...

Glad they had fun and tell them they did a GREAT job :)

salli said...

Nice! These homemade kits are the way to go!! Easy on mom, fun for kids. :-)

rachael said...

awww, it looks fantastic!

Dorinda said...

I think it looks great! I always feel good after doing something with the kids but I absolutely dread the preperation. Good for you for going through with it!

Sheri Hubbs said...

Awee how cute! Our kids are doing thier house tonight. I really like that the package has added that nice little feature (plastic tray) makes it easy for transfering it from one place to another. Your kids are adorable too. ;)

Amanda said...

It looks so great! I bought one of those to do with Jackson, but I have been putting it off. I know how hard I'm going to have to fight him from trying to eat it all! Merry Christmas to you and your family!