Saturday, February 9, 2008

Best Husband in the Whole Wide World

"Don't blog me."
"You aren't going to blog that, are you?"
"Are you blogging me?"
"Please don't blog that!"

All things I hear from Shane every night. He LOVES the idea of me blogging...even asks if I've got a way to back it up in case Blogger suddenly shuts down...but he's slightly afraid that I'm going to share with the world when he makes a bone-head move. Odds some point, I probably will...but I keep reminding him that I DID tell the world what a great Dad he is. And now, I'll tell you all what a great husband he is!

Remember last night, I was moaning and groaning about being exhausted. I was complaining about EVERYTHING (what a whiner, I am). Well, hubby came to the rescue last night...BIG TIME! He had an amazing idea: Bunk the big kids in Ty's room for a slumber party (afterall, it is his birthday) & I could sleep in Zoe's room (also the guest room). He'd take care of any baby issues throughout the night. He'd only wake me up if things got really bad. I got to sleep in a queen size bed...alone...all night! I went to bed at 11pm and woke up at close to 9am. WHAT???? I haven't slept that good since I was 4 months pregnant!

Wanna know the best part? I get to do it again tonight! husband is the best there is! Ain't NONE better...

(that should make up for any future embarrassing posts, right?)

I just read him this post to make sure he approved prior to posting. And he asked why I didn't include a picture of him like I do with the kids. So...


salli said...

And the Husband of the Year Award goes to....SHANE! I'm impressed. Very, very, very impressed. That man loves you and Jesus (and your kids). You can't get better than that, Amy! :-)

Alejandra said...

Aww! Shane's so great! That's a sweet picture of them... All my friends are always worried I'm going to blog them. My dad, however, likes being blogged. He's always like "Are you going to but that in the blog?!" "You should put it in the blog!" Obviously, he's not shy of the spotlight... It wasn't too long ago, however, that he was still referring to it as my "blob." (And that's in Jorge voice...) lol