Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

...or in the words of Zoe, "Happy Valen-times Day"!

Close your eyes and imagine a picture of Cole, Eli & Ava in cute little Children's Place Valentine's shirts with the pants from their "My First Christmas" outfits. Seriously. Close your eyes and imagine...cuz that's as close as you'll come to a picture! They were so cute. Not matching...just coordinated. But then Ava had to go and poop up her back! Gotta love the switch to cereal and what it does to their digestive system, huh?

So maybe I'll take one in a few days...when I've caught up on laundry...and update this post with it!

In the meantime: Have a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day!

I DEFINITELY did! See, today's my birthday...and I can't say that it's a number I've been looking forward to: 34! (YIKES! How'd I get so old?) Cole was the first to greet me this 5:30! Yeah, not what I had in mind, but we worked it out, he and I. After feeding Cole & Eli, Shane took over the breakfast duties and sent me back to bed. He and Ty made me breakfast...eggs, bacon, toast, coffee & OJ and brought it to me in bed...where I had fallen back to sleep after watching The Today Show. (Sidenote: I've never actually had breakfast in bed before - aside from room service on business trips - and I totally loved it.)

That's pretty much where "my day" ended. I spent the rest of the day bathing the babies, taking Zoe to swim lessons, bringing Ty & Eli to the doctor, and various other "routine" chores.

Before I sign off for the night (we're starting Season 2 of Lost tonight) I HAVE to tell you about Ty's trip to the doctor:

It was his 4-year old check-up. He did great! He got a kick out of the fact that he got to go "potty" in a cup for the nurse. AND THEN IT WAS "SHOT" TIME! He started crying and shouting and yelling, "Not even one shot! I don't want even one!" Well, we didn't listen. And after shot #1, he started screaming even louder. He was yelling, "No thank you! Sorry, but no! Sorry, but no! No more shots! I'm sorry...but...nooooooooooooo!"

Leave it to my polite little man to be apologizing while completely upset! It was all I could do to not laugh while holding him for the nurse during the second (and final) shot.


Helen said...

*gasp* You're Yankee fans?!

Your story about Ty's appointment cracked me up :)

Alexa said...

Happy Birthday Amy! You're right, 34 is super old. As a future 33 year old, I can sympathize.

Dorinda said...

Happy Birthday! Valentine's Day seems to be a popular triplet mom birthday. Hmmm... Not mine but another friend - she's "just" 30.

Don't you just love 4 year old boys? They are soo cute. I LOVE this age. Although my son wasn't so apologetic at his appointment last November. Guess he has a bit to learn...

Last year's triplet Valentine's pictures were hard too. No poop just no cooperation :)

salli said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandra said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!! And happy belated Valen-times!! Breakfast in bed sounds lovely. Go Shane! I love Ty at the doctor. That's the cutest thing I've ever heard. "Sorry, but no!" I think I'm going to try that one out at office...