Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Did I seriously just get tagged?

I have to say, I've never actually been tagged before, and to be honest, hadn't a clue what it I had to do some research when Little Miss Alejandra did me the honors.

Apparently, I'm supposed to reveal some random facts about myself. Hmmmm...shouldn't be too hard, I mean, I AM a talker and sometimes, I don't think I have a filter. So, for your boredom/pleasure, here are five ridiculously absurd tidbits about me. (Supposedly, the real thing calls for ten, but since Alejandra only did 5, so am I.) Just think of this as a way to get to know each other better...

1) I've never broken a bone. Crazy, right? I used to think that was really cool, but now I think it might be a bit sad. Does that mean that I'm boring? Too safe? Not adventureous enough? I mean, I played basketball in high school. I've been skiing. I've traveled to far off places. So how come I've never broken a bone? I think I'm just not crazy enough. Maybe I'll work on that in 2008. Of course, that means I'll focus on a non-priority bone (i.e. One that will NOT make parenting 5 kids too difficult!)

2) I think I might be addicted to "the lunch salad". It started when I was pregnant with the triplets...I'd havea big giant salad everyday for lunch. And, well, it's become habit. Boring...(oh no, I'm starting to sense a trend...)

3) I'm supposed to be losing this "baby weight" and I cheat on my diet EVERYDAY, somehow. Either it's eating after dinner...a bowl of ice cream some point in the day...not enough extra slice of cheese or two.

4) In a previous life (a.k.a. "pre-kids") I worked as a Human Resource Professional in the HRIS world. Somedays I miss it. I mean, I used to travel...farther than the local grocery store. I used to manage people...and they'd listen to me. I used to get dressed up...and shower everyday. My, how times have changed!

5) Okay...I'm struggling here...lemme see...I guess I could admit to my hyper-organizational habits...or my addiction to The Biggest Loser...but I guess I'll find something a bit deeper: I can't name the books of the Bible in order! Sad, considering I'm a pastor's kid and have grown up in church, right!?!?!?!

So Alejandra? How'd I do? Now, I guess I'm supposed to tag others...right? How does one do that? I'll start with Alexa...or Alex! Who else???? How about Shelli? that you have Olga, you should be well rested and ready to be tagged! I'll try Gayle, but she hasn't updated her blog since Christmas, so I'm guessing she won't play. Last, but DEFINITELY not least, Suzi...just because I don't know her all that well and I think it'd be fun to hear what she has to say.


Alejandra said...

Perfect! I love it, love it! I've never broken a single bone either! And I'm actually OK with that... ;)

Dorinda said...

Late on checking your blog :) I've never broken a bone either though I swear funny story - when I was in school my friend and I would try to break our wrists to get those "cool" casts or to get out of PE - I can't remember but needless to say bending your arm backwards does NOT break it - in case you were wondering :)

Oh, and I'll teach you the books of the Bible in order if you'll teach me some organizational stuff (check my blog). And I'm a P.K. too!