Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not that there's not a lot going on...

Sorry it's been a little bit since I've posted crazy Higby stories lately. It's not for lack of material. More like time! Shane's away. But Grammy's here...so really I SHOULD have more time. I mean, my Momma's an angel: she folds laundry, picks up crying babies, washes dirty dishes, changes stinky diapers...ALL DAY LONG! So how have my days gotten shorter? And seriously, Shane's only been gone since yesterday. It's not like I've even had time to be falling further and further behind in the day-to-day. But somehow, I'm not getting the daily "chores" crossed off my "To Do List".

On a positive note: Eli finally got a clean bill of health today and was able to get his 6-month shots (a week shy of 7 months)! Both ears are finally clear. I just looked at my calendar and it's been a month and a half since he received his first (of 3) diagnosis-es (what's the plural of diagnosis?) of an ear infection. So hear we are, 7 weeks later, with uninfected ears...FINALLY! Even better? He was released from the nebulizer! No more wheezing...3 weeks of albuterol...5 days of steroids (just call him Clemens)...and 1 more week of albuterol!

Okay, I think I just figured out where my days go...the doctor!!!


Dorinda said...

I think you are my twin :) We asked God for just one more too... And I was born in New Jersey. I'm behind every morning - join the club.

Great news about Eli! None of my girls needed treatments but my son did and I HATED it. The albuterol and the nebulizer. I don't miss it.

E-mail me in your free time (now that your mom is here and all): dorindanelson@comcast.net

Carolina Mama said...

They are all adorable! What a real blessing.