Thursday, February 21, 2008

There are rules for a reason...

For Christmas, Shane bought the big kids a set of rings from IKEA to hang from the basement ceiling. After my initial heart attack...and then the panic...and then the thoughts of all the injuries (some worse than others) that could happen...I gave in and let him hang them. Of course, being me, I made sure there was a list! Yes, a list of rules for the rings.

I have to admit, the rings have been a hit. The kids love them. They get out a ton of energy on them. They're building great upper body strength. They're even following the rules...most of the time.

Yesterday, right after Lindsay left (of course), and while I was in the midst of feeding the babies, I heard some rather loud crying downstairs. Normally, I'd just let the problem make it's way upstairs and handle the argument then. But something about the cry didn't seem...well...average. So I raced downstairs and was greeted by a rather bloody Ty!

Apparently, Zoe & Ty (in Zoe's words) "accidentally forgot" to follow Rule #1 - Only one person on the rings at a time! What we did discover, is Zoe's head is hard...Ty's lip isn't! And when two kids are going in separate directions on rings...they inevitably meet back in the middle!

Thankfully, there weren't any stitches. Although I did panic and call Lindsay back...just in case.

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Alejandra said...

Those rings look so fun! Although I have ZERO upper body strength... When I was little I would make countless attempts to play on the monkey bars, but would invariably just panic and get stuck on one rung and then slip and land in a heap on the ground while Gab would swing lithely over me. My dad used to call me "butter hands." Also had similar experiences in high school gym class...