Monday, January 21, 2008


A friend of mine recently wrote a post on her blog about a mystery buzz on her Phone. Well, Alejandra, I can relate. Only, there's not quite as MUCH mystery surrounding this buzz. The source is quite obvious - - - AVA! So where's the mystery? It's in the fact that somehow she's learned to tell time. For the past 4 nights, she has woken up on or about 3am. And last night was no different, it was exactly 3:01am. She doesn't cry. She doesn't fuss. No, she lays there herself. After about 5 minutes, it becomes a bit more of a whine. 5 more minutes and it's a fuss. 5 more and it's an out and out cry.

Historically, I'm a mom with the mindset that I should let Ava work it out...she'll fall back to sleep on her own, right? Just leave her be. Afterall, none of the triplets are effected by any noise made in or around their room, usually. But at 3am, the boys start stirring when the princess begins to pontificate. So I try everything: flipping her, patting her, rubbing her, you name it, I try it. I stop just short of feeding her. She doesn't need it!!!! She finishes her 6-7 oz. bottle with a half scoop of cereal before she goes to bed. That should last her until the morning, but it's not! And as I type, tonight she's curled up on Daddy's lap, rocking in the glider, playing the "I'm not quite ready for bed" card. So maybe tonight, things will be different. Maybe tonight 3am will come and go and I'll get to snooze on through it! I'll keep you posted!

* Update 1/22/08 - Ava slept through the night, but unfortunately, I didn't! Apparently, Ava taught Cole to read time before she went to bed. He took up her cause and woke precisely at 3:04am. He went back to bed pretty easily, though.


pam said...

hi, just found your blog through the yahoo group (that i haven't posted at yet...)

i have BBB triplets 7 weeks old. glad to find you out there!

aura said...

i wish i lived closer, i would come over at three and hold that princess anytime!!! i think she has cereal envy--i think she wants what cole gets--a nice big bowl of cereal. its the ones you least suspect that eat the most!!! but im so out of practice, i will be better help in 3 months when i will be texting you at 3am. what a cutie pie!!!

salli said...

I just love that picture of Ava! She's so cute...which is a good thing at 3AM, right? :-) Glad that she's starting to sleep through.