Monday, January 14, 2008

Murphy...gotta love him!

Have you ever felt like "just one thing" can't go wrong at a time? I guess that's Murphy's Law, right? Well, today, Eli was the unfortunately recipient of good ole Murphy! For awhile now, he's been a little under the weather...coughing, congested, wheezing a little, but it's January. This is what happens in the winter. Kids get colds. And thanks to the FDA, there's now nothing Mom's can do about it...until the child is 2 (& even then, it's questionable). So, aside from snorting saline drops, and a few random hits of Tylenol, I've just kept filling the humidifier and encouraging Eli that "this too shall pass". Even our nightly prayer time has become a little repetitive, "...and Lord, please help Eli to feel better in the morning...amen."

Last night, things just didn't seem right. Anyone who has had the privilege of meeting Mr. Eli knows that he smiles at the drop of a hat and rarely cries. Not last night. He was rubbing his head and face (okay, obviously I missed key sign was his EAR he was rubbing...hint hint) and when we put him down for bed he really protested (very unlike him...sign #2). Then this morning, when I got him out of bed (after sleeping through the night for 11 hours straight, let me add), he had "boogers" in his eye (sign #3). Silly me, I really thought it was just from his nose that he had smeared all the way up his face.

After a morning bath, he wouldn't let Lindsay or I leave him alone in a room. Not in the swing, the bouncy chair, the saucer, the jumper, the play yard, nothing...he just kept crying. That's when I called the doctor.

Sure enough, poor Mr. Eli has it all: ear infection, bronchial something or other (requiring the ever purchased...nebulizer), and a virus in his eyes (it's not pink eye, but might as well be). I left the doctor with 4 little pieces of paper in my hand and headed straight for the pharmacy.

As if life with triplets wasn't quite crazy enough (read: constant diaper changes, feedings every 4 hours, entertaining them and switching their toys every half hour or so) plus the addition of a Kindergartner and her homework and an almost 4 year old that is CONSTANTLY asking questions, we now need to add to Eli's daily routine the following:

Eye drops, both eyes, 3x/day for 7 days
Antibiotics, twice a day for 10 days
Nebulizer, every 3 hours, until the chest clears

And I'm supposed to keep all this straight HOW????


pinkmommy said...

Wow, and I am stressed about having 2 soon!

Thanks for commenting on my blog! No, I have never seen the movie Amazing Grace. I didn't actually know it was a movie until I found the video on YouTube this morning. I will have to check it out.

aura said...

well, one good thing....he is not yet on cereal!!one less thing to consume. i hope smiley-pie feels better soon. glad this all didnt happen fri night.

ps. no wonder i havent been receiving any texts:)

you rock!---and i dont mean in a corner singing mary had a little lamb!!

salli said...

Poor Eli! I hope he's back to his smiley self soon!

Now did you seriously not have a nebulizer until you have 5 kids?? That's impressive. :-)