Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She CAN'T be married...isn't she still 10?

"Our" little Bethany is married!

No way!

I can still picture the semi-awkward little 10-year old that put her hair in Princess Leah buns with mismatched scrunchies!  She used to watch me do whatever it was I was doing.  Her most famous line: "I like watching you put on makeup...my sister doesn't wear NEARLY that much..."

Sure enough, on Saturday, March 27th, Bethany Joy Higby became Bethany Joy Davis.  She married a great guy.  We love him so much.  And after a great weekend getting to know them, we love his family, too!

Zoe was a Junior Bridesmaid.  Friday night at the rehearsal, she discovered that she had to walk back up the aisle with a groomsman.  I've never seen her face so red as she sheepishly kept from making eye contact with anyone.

Our niece, Kaylee, was also a Junior Bridesmaid (she is the daughter of Shane's late sister, Stacey).  She slept over Friday night after the rehearsal and dinner, so the girls could get their hair done together in the morning.  Oh boy.  I definitely think we have some divas-in-training.

Once every curl was pinned in place, we went to my in-laws for pictures with the Bride and the other Bridesmaids.  It was quite a crazy morning...but everything came together and we all made it to the church...ON TIME!

Despite his insistence that he should be the one to walk Bethany down the aisle since he claims he co-parented her, Shane had to settle for walking his mom to her seat.

Zoe did a great job...first one down the aisle...all smiles!  She didn't hesitate and even walked slowly.

Kaylee did great too.

Micah did great as the "ring boy".  He carefully avoided each rose pedal as he walked down the aisle.  All the while saying, "ooooh...I like this...I like this..."

Zoe and her "escort"

I still giggle when I think about Phil's 10 groomsmen.  They looked like a security force up there.  I told Bethany not to be discouraged.  I'm sure they weren't there to make sure Phil followed through...they were to "fend off" any sad ex-boyfriends.

The ceremony was beautiful and so was Bethany.

We all had a blast at the reception, but I think the kids had the most fun.  Ty and Zoe took full advantage of the open access to soda.  I think Ty had about 4 cokes and Zoe innumerable Shirley Temple's.

That's Ty in the middle of (nephews) Sam and Noah

Noah (another nephew) spent the entire reception "break dancing"...or so he called it.  I'm not sure WHAT it was, but it sure was entertaining.

We purposely left the triplets home with a sitter, and in hind-sight are SO GLAD we did, yet still, Zoe found a 19-month old to fawn over.

Amazingly, I didn't manage to get a single picture of myself.  Sorry.  Just know that I looked good, if I do say so myself.  No, really.  I was in a dress!  And heels!!!!


Melanie said...

Too cute, the kids in wedding garb is always so precious! Stopping by from SITS...


Theta Mom said...

Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS Day! I am finally getting the chance to meet and greet the fabulous ladies who showed some love for me. Hope to see you at Theta Mom again! :)