Friday, March 5, 2010

Family Dinner

My least favorite part of being responsible for dinner every night is planning it.  Somedays, I feel like a short-order cook: the triplets get their finger-food dinner, the "big kids" get something that I know they'll eat, and Shane and I get a real meal.  A few months ago, I stopped making Zoe and Ty their own meal.  They could eat was I made for Shane...or they could go to bed hungry.  And then a few weeks ago, in an effort to make my life a little bit easier, I decided to stop making the babies their own meal.  I make sure there are parts of the meal that they SHOULD be able to eat: Applesauce, noodles, something.  But that's it.  I'm done running a diner!

We reached another milestone this week: We all ate AT the table!

We took off the trays and pushed the boosters up to the table.  They loved it!  The quote of the night came from Shane.  We all held hands to pray before the meal (not something the triplets are used to...they fold their hands).  As soon as the hands were held, Shane looked around and said, "I think I'm gonna cry..."  Immediately, Zoe cracked up and has been making fun of him ever since.

Surprisingly, no bowl were thrown...of course, no pork chops were eaten either.  But hey, clean up was easier.  No trays to wash!


Anonymous said...

Amy - you do not know how much you are my idol!!! I can 100% relate to this mealtime issue and everyone in my house makes me crazy w/ their dietary needs!! We are not waitresses or diner owners and the family needs to get that!!! Kudo's to you for getting a family meal on film!! And Zoe is hilarious for making fun of Shane, but I do understand his emotion!!
Thank you for this window into the Happy Higby's!!! ~~ Judi Fitzsimmons

Helen said...

Hooray for family dinners! I love what Shane said, and even more for Zoe making fun of him. LOL!

Tina said...

This is almost like dinner time at my house. I stopped being a diner a while ago too. It was tooooo hard on me. I DREAD planning dinners. What a happy family meal.

Shane sounds sweet!

salli said...

Wow...everyone at the table! That's totally a milestone. :)