Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zoe, The Gymnast

Ever since Zoe learned to walk at 9 months, we've been frustrated laughed at her never-ending energy level.  She walked for 1 day...started running the next.  She hasn't sat still since.  "Sit in your seat" is said about 10 times a meal.  Since Preschool, her teachers have mentioned her inability to "sit still".  Our challenge has always been trying to harness that energy.

When She was 3, we tried dance.  She loved it.  She was "OK" at it.  The recital killed us. 

At 4, we decided to try gymnastics and swimming at the Y.  "Swim and Gym".  45 minutes of gymnastics followed by a half hour of swimming.  BINGO!  She loved both activities and was BEAT by bedtime.  Unfortunately, she outgrew it pretty quickly.  The gymnastics wasn't quite challenging enough for her.

This year, Zoe is at US Gymnastics in Mahwah.  She's definitely challenged and definitely enjoying it.

This past weekend, Zoe had her Gymfest.  It's not quite a recital, but it's a chance for parents to watch their gymnast in action.  WAY LESS PAINFUL than the dance recital.  It was actually fun...and it only lasted just over an hour!

Zoe and her "coach" Miss Jackie

 The 1st rotation brought Zoe's group to the Balance Beam.  One of her favorites.

 Stuck the landing...

 Small Trampoline

 Uneven Bars

Her favorite is definitely Trampoline

She LOVES flipping into the foam pit!

 She even got a trophy and certificate.

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