Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not My Calling!

I've known for a VERY long time that my calling is NOT to be a teacher.  Even though I was one of those girls who "played school" growing up, I knew I could never be a real teacher.  After a few years as a Mom, I know Im not called to home-school, either.  Don't worry, I'm not going to bad-mouth home-schooling.  I just know that there's NO WAY I could be Zoe's teacher.  I can barely be her homework monitor.

So here's verification #542 that I'll never be a teacher: The American Museum of Natural History

I experienced temporary insanity when I volunteered to chaperone Zoe's Second Grade class trip.  Not only was I slightly bus-sick by the time we got back to school, I was flat out exhausted AND I had a headache (possibly because I didn't get my full dose of morning coffee, but let's just blame the crazy kids, okay!?!?!) 

Here are all the kids that I was put in charge of...

Seriously!?!?!  You want me to control ALL these kids?

(Zoe and her buddy Kaylyn)

I mean, there's so many of them!

Thankfully, I teamed up with other crazy volunteers Moms and we found strength in numbers.

(Krystyn and Sue)

The girls had a one-track-mind...

...they wanted Dum Dum!

(Kaylyn, Zoe, Molly, and Maeve)

And by the end of the day, they were pretty sick of my pictures.  So they started posing pretty creatively.

These ladies need medals.

(Kaylyn, Miss Hulsebos, Zoe, and Mrs. Baitzel)

They do this everyday...JOYFULLY!  There isn't enough money in the world for me to volunteer for this gig!  Thank you for teaching our kids.  Thank you for loving MY kid.  You make school so much fun for Zoe.  She loves learning...thanks to you.  And I love that she's out of the house all day learning!

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