Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Madness

We're not really a sports-crazy house...yet.  With 3 sons, I'd imagine we will be someday.  But we're not...yet.  We're a Baseball family.

I mean, I enjoy other sports...College Hoops, College Football, and an occassional NFL game.  I've even been working on branching out and trying to enjoy Hockey (don't shoot me...it's just hard to follow.)  But that's me.  Not Shane.  And not...yet...the kids.

Anyway, I try to teach the kids about sports other than Baseball (although Shane thinks there ARE no other sports).  Ty even played Flag Football this year.  So when the opportunity came up to go to a professional basketball game with the big kids, I took it.  Neither of them have been to a game.  Not even a college game...or ANY basketball game, for that matter.

Apparently, the Nets aren't all that great.  We wouldn't know.  We gladly accepted the vouchers for 4 tickets to the game last night.  I guess the idea is that they were "stadium filler" seats because we just had to show up and turn in the vouchers for "the best tickets available".  Hmmmm...

Since we didn't have a babysitter, I was elected the "chaperone" on this trip.  Gave me an opportunity to be "the fun parent" for a change.

We made it to the IZOD Center without incident and got our tickets with plenty of time to spare.

I may have been generous when I said that the Nets aren't all that great.  Check out our seats...

About 15 minutes into the game, I turned to see Ty in tears.  I had no idea what happened.  After asking every question I could think of, the horn blew to say the commercial break was over.  That's when I noticed the look on his face...he had NO IDEA what that noise was!  That's what was scaring him.  Once I explained it, we got a good laugh.  Zoe asked what we were laughing about, so I told her.  She, then, asked when the game was going to start.  Seriously?  Not the sharpest tools in the shed!

The game started great.  The Nets were holding of Miami.  With every basket, Ty would put down his pretzel and clap like crazy.  Such a fan!

One of the highlights of the night came after the 1st quarter when the NETSational Seniors performed.  That's right...grandma's and grandpa's hip hop dancing.  I kid you not!

The kids loved using the noise-makers and even asked for a picture with the mascot!

With a quarter of the game still left, Ty asked if he could, "just not root for the Nets."

The bonus of the game?  Zoe and Ty slept in this morning until 9am.


Momma Gesswein said...

ok amy, two things: #1 only in new jersey would the half time dance show be senior citizens...they probably rocked the house! and #2 what was that mascot? a wolf? seriously? the name of the team is the new jersey nets, and the mascot is a wolf? what? what?
you're a great mom! keep it up! God is good!

Helen said...

So fun! Your descriptions cracked me up :)

Way to try to branch your kids out, although I'd forget the hockey unless you plan to move to Canada ;)