Friday, November 20, 2009

Football Season's Over

I know...technically it's not.  The Superbowl's not until February 7, 2010, but the Ramsey (Flag Football) Cowboys are done. Ty loved playing.  He started off pretty shy and wouldn't let me leave, but by the end of the season, he was jumping out of the car and running up to the field leaving me in the dust.

The highlight of the season was the final Monday Night Game under the lights up at the "big boy's field" (MacFarren Field). The whole family went...even the babies.  And Aunt Roo was in from MD, so she and PopPop came too.  Each player was announced over the PA System and they ran on the field as the Monday Night Football Theme Song played in the background.  To top off a great night, Ty scored his first (and only) touchdown!  I was a bit worried that the Refs would throw a flag on the "excessive celebration".  One of his teammates actually picked him up...then they all took turns spiking the ball!

Trophy Day was supposed to be Halloween, but with all the rain, they postponed a week to November 7th.

Thank you so much, to the coaches.  They were great with the boys: Stern, yet fun.  They made sure each of the boys carried the ball at least once each game.  The made a huge committment and really sacrificed to show up every Saturday at 8:30a (even after a late night at the Bruce concert) and again on Monday nights meant a lot.  So thanks Coach Mike, Coach Kevin and Coach Doug for a great season and a great introduction to "town sports".

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Alexa said...

Wow, those were some intense football maneuvers! Great job, Ty!