Friday, February 26, 2010

Too much of a good thing?

I love the snow.


In moderation.

But this is ridiculous!

School was cancelled Thursday before a single snowflake fell on Wednesday night.  I'm glad it was, though.  It was slippery and messy and WINDY!  5 kids and one mom trapped in the house by snow all day makes for a long day.  Know what makes it longer?  Adding a 2nd snow day!  Yup, Thursday night, we got the school on Friday, either!  Oh boy!  But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Back to Thursday...

Even though it was still snowing, I finally went out and shovelled the driveway around 2p.  There was easily 6-8 inches of snow on the ground and I wanted to clear it before it became a foot!  I lifted one shovel-full and went back inside to get my mp3 player...I was going to be out there for awhile!  It was like shovelling a 6 inch deep Slurpee from 7-Eleven! And before everyone asks: No, Shane wasn't home...he was at work.  But even if he was home...I'd shovel...especially that heavy stuff...he has 2 herniated discs!  There was no way I was letting him lift that stuff and undo all the improvement in his back over the last few months.  By the time I reached the end of the driveway, where I started was already covered in an inch of icy slush.  I was slipping and sliding in my Uggs all over the place.  At one point, a was hit on the head by what I thought was a snowball.  I jumped up and looked around, thinking I must not have heard Shane come home.  It was just falling snow from the tree...that perfectly landed on the top of my head!

Shane got home around 5:30p.  It took him over an hour to drive what usually takes 12 minutes.  It didn't take long for him and the big kids to head out back and begin work on the "sledding hill".  By 8p, Zoe was inside watching the Olympics with me.  "The Boys" didn't make it in until after 8:30p.  They were busy working on a fort/tunnel.  Thankfully, we made it through the night with our power.  With heavy snow and lots of winds, the lights flickered a few times.  Zoe and I quickly lit a few candles and gathered all the flashlights...just in case.  She was quite worried that a tree would fall...or the electricity would go out...and ended up sleeping on the couch in our room...with a flashlight under her pillow!

It snowed all through the night...and all morning...and all afternoon...and even as I type's SNOWING!

It took a loooooooooooooooooooooong time shovel today.  By 9a there was almost a foot on the ground.  And made it about 1/4 of the way up the driveway and quit.  Went back out with the whole gang about an hour later and finished another 1/2.  Came in...made lunch...watched some Curling...went back out to finish.  If it wasn't for our neighbor...I'd still be out there.  He came over with his snow blower and worked the "plowed snow".  Thank you, Paul!!!!

We had a blast out in the snow together...but it's STILL coming down...and I'm a bit tired of it.  Seriously.  Enough is enough.

Ty on top of the tunnel/fort Shane made for himself the kids.

About to send the girls down the sledding hill.

Stuck in the bushes.  Don't ask...I have no idea what Cole was thinking.

I was ATTEMPTING a picture of Ava stuck in the snow up to her hips...but she refused and just she wouldn't sink.

Eli carried around this broom most of his time outside.

She just sat there...content...for quite some time.

The "steamroller" lived up to his name and just rolled around in the snow for almost an hour.

Is there anyway that I can get rid of all this snow by March?  That's next week.  I'm really ready for Spring and having all this "white stuff" around as a reminder of Winter is NOT HELPING ME!


Kathie said...

Thankfully there is no snow where I am, but it sure looks pretty. Looks like the "gang" had a great time too.!

Michelle said...

I am SO tired of cold. The weather pretty much ruined winter for me. LOL.

Your kids look like they are having fun. We've tried to get them outside on teh warm days, but it hasnt worked, except the little ones.

ABIGAIL said...

I agree--WAY too much of a good thing!

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