Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Report Cards

If you're anything like me, "Report Cards" weren't exactly a highlight of the school year, back in the day.  It wasn't that I was afraid of the grades.  I was a pretty average student.  I knew I'd get the, "if you'd apply yourself a little, your grades would improve" speach, but that's alright.  I was ready for it.  What worried me were the comments.  You know, the added little jabs the teacher to got put in: Talks too much in class, Tends to distract others, Has difficulty sitting still, etc.  Those always seem to get my parents more upset than the actual grades.

Thankfully, Zoe and Ty don't actually GET grades, yet.  Just "checks" to indicate where they are on a certain process.  Ty, for example:

No, he's not perfect...he does have some areas to work on.  This is my favorite segment...where the teacher points out that Ty's priority is NOT staying in the lines:

Wanna know what cracked me up even more?

"Prints name with appropriate upper and lowercase letters".  Really?  There are 2...T and y.  Can you imagine if he'd gotten a check in the "With 4 or more errors".  But what cracks me up is that the teacher has pointed out that he does a nice job with his "y".  So Ty, we might need to work on your "T" so we get that compliment next report card!
Then there's the behavior stuff.  The stuff that I struggled with as a student (and still do, if the kids were to fill out a Report Card for me).  They're given "grades" 1-5.  Ty, our resident "Teacher's Pet" did great...with a few exceptions...

That's right...he's slow and unorganized!  Not news to me.  I tell him all the time, "If you go any slower, you'll be in reverse!"  Dad likes to say, "Ty...I'm growin' a beard over here!"

Zoe did great too.

But can we please note where she excels...

That's right: ORGANIZATION!  Maybe somehow, we can combine her with Ty.  Any ideas?


Sara said...

Love this!! My husband and I were cracking over Luke's report card comments. Like you, no surprises!

Mom/Grammy said...

Did the triplets get their report cards yet?

Dorinda said...

That is hilarious! I love report card time for the little ones. Thanks for the laugh :)