Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Yes, it's been forever and a day since I've posted last. I thought the computer replacement process was going to go faster than it has. I was wrong! So do you see that box up at the top that says "I'm busy catching up on old posts"? Keep an eye on it, because I'm going to be "back-dating" old stuff as I get to it.

In the meantime, I thought you'd like to see how we spent out Saturday. Not that we "Celebrate" Halloween, cuz I don't really like to think of it that way. We "Do" Halloween: we have fun dressing up...seeing neighbors...getting candy...crashing from our sugar highs. You get the point. But in the Higby Household, you won't see Witches or Gobblins. No ghosts, draculas, mummies, or scary stuff. I'll spare you all the in-depth reasoning. In a nutshell: "We're focusing on the fun, or we're not participating!"

Not really sure what happened to the month of October, but all of a sudden, it was Halloween! Seriously. Ty flipped an flopped on what he wanted to be: Star Wars, Bakugan, Super Mario, Transformer, and back to Star Wars. When I went to get him a costume, I took some pictures and texted them to Lindsay (the soon-to-be-leaving-us Nanny...that's another post for another time...but it's for a happy reason.) When he saw the costumes, Ty picked the Transformer...Optimus Prime.

He called himself "Octopus Prime" for awhile. His reasoning was that one of the other transformers was "Bumble Bee" so why wouldn't he be an animal, too!?! Makes sense...I suppose.

Zoe was another last minute change. She told me she wanted to be a candy corn. Really? Why? How was I going to do that? But then Shane came home from his Japan business trip with a Kimono. Aha! A Geisha it was! (Sidenote: Shane also brought home a matching Kimono for Ava...I'll post pictures soon!)

Originally, the Triplets were going to be pigs and I was going to decorate their wagons in brick, stick & hay. But I couldn't find a pig costume I liked. And Lindsay came home from Orlando with "Thing" t-shirts for the babies. So, we honored Dr. Suess...

Thursday afternoon, the triplets, Ty and I went to Shane's work to show off our outfits. Zoe had Gymnastics, so she'll have to wait until next year to join the fun. As you can imagine, the gang made QUITE an impression.

Saturday morning, our church had a Family Fun Fest. The rain held off long enough for us to enjoy a hayride, some face painting, lots of yummy food, tons of games and a great time in the bounce house. There was even a pinata and prizes. A time was had by all.

After a much needed nap (I so wish I could've taken one too), we ventured out in the neighborhood. By the time we hit the street, the misting started. We made it home before the real rain hit, but it sure put a damper on the fun of seeing everyone else come by. A definite highlight was a visit from Mackenzie (our neighbor temporarily displaced by the fire). The babies were in bed, but Zoe and Ty got to give her a hug and show off their outfits. Next year, it'll be nice to have them back!

I was so thankful for the "Fall Back" extra hour we got Saturday night. Between the crazy busy day, all the sugar, and then the delayed start of the Yankee game, I definitely needed some extra sleep!


Helen said...

A little birdy (Tweet, tweet!) told me you'd updated! I had to come see for myself :)

Love the costumes! And Cole cracks me up. He and Chase are so similar - right down to not smiling for pictures. LOL!

Helene said...

The kids all look darling!!! I was totally laughing at your son saying Octopus Prime!! My oldest son couldn't pronounce it for the longest time and my hubby told him the name was Optimum Crime. So he went around saying that for the longest time and no one had a clue what he was talking about.

Pink Nothings said...

wow. i read your about me. you must be a awesome mom for God to bless you like that!!
came from sits!

Amy said...

love the costumes! :) we're with you on the "fun costumes only" halloween celebrating. hate the evil stuff. glad you're back :) even if you are a yankee fan ! :P

Alejandra said...

Hey! That little girl next to Zoe is dressed like candy corn. I had no idea candy corn costumes were so popular! I love the blue hair, btw!!!