Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Captain Obvious...but not really

Eli loves to point things out.  Most the time, he's pointing out a person who's entering a room, exiting a room, or is just sitting in a room.  Sometimes, he's like Lassie, in that he notices a gate is open and screams, "Oh no!  Mom!  Wook!  Gay oh-pen!"

This morning, it was the cereal box.

Pointing to the Quaker man, "Pop Pop...Daddy...Pop Pop dare!"

I think it's a slight stretch, but okay.

Then, Eli pointed at the mom and son at the bottom of the box..."Daddy...Daddy...wook...Mommy Ty Ty!"

Why, yes, Eli.  That woman is the spitting image of me: Young, thin, energetic, beautiful and happy!


Helen said...

LOL! At least he didn't tell you you were "too heavy" for a chair ;) (Which yes, I have been told by my lovely children.)

Mom/Grammy said...

Grammy is now LOL...that is so cute. What does Pop Pop think of Eli's comment?

AmericanTribal said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS!

Your son is *adorable*... I love the way they talk when they're that age.

I hope you have a great day today!

BenLand said...

omg...he is so cute!!!!
i love that he thinks the quaker man looks like his pop pop...hahaha....so sweet :)
and you do look like the mom at the bottom!!!

Missy said...

My kids love Life cereal. They will eat it before any other cereal in the pantry.

Stopping in from SITS.

salli said...

Awwww! What a sweetie! You know, educationally speaking...this means he's very bright. :)