Monday, November 16, 2009

A Weekend Away

An entire weekend away...Friday afternoon until early Sunday evening.  By myself.  Well.  Not exactly...there were about 40 other crazy scrapbookers there.

Yes, I went away to scrapbook for the weekend.  I know, I know.  To many of you, that seems bizarre...maybe even boring.  But not to me.  Aside from the fact that I was kid-free for over 48 hours, I got my own bed!

The next question you all are going to ask, I'm sure, is "who had the kids?"  Why, their other parent, of course: Shane!  He managed just fine.  His mom came and helped Saturday during bathtime...which is crazy even with 2 adults...but other than that, it was just him...and Zoe (come on...we all know she thought she was in charge).  Aside from some crayon on the walls and a few unmade beds, the house looked great when I got home.  Shane even made it to church with all 5 kids!  About 15 minutes before service started, I got a text that said, "On my way to church".  No sooner had I written back that I was impressed, than I got another text, "And now we're on our way home to get the diaper bag!"  At least we know that Super Dad isn't perfect! 

I'd post pictures of the weekend, but I didn't bring my camera.  Okay, that's a lie.  I did.  But I didn't wear makeup most of the weekend, so I don't want to post pictures of me! are a few of my favorite pages.  Don't get too hung up on how young Zoe looks in the pictures.  I'm behind.  FAR behind!  As in "2nd-grader-Zoe-just-started-preschool-in-her-book" behind.

I had some fun being creative in how I cut pictures...

I even got creative with an exacto!

Please ignore the 1974 picture of a little girl with a bowl cut and her Dad next her with a matching one.  That's DEFINITELY not me...don't even ask if it is!

Some close-ups of my exacto work...

And my ALL TIME favorite idea of the S'mores title!

See...I told you Zoe made it to pre-school before the weekend ended:


Helen said...

First - I am insanely jealous (in a very Christian way of course) that you got a weekend away! I so need one but don't what to do or where to go! Maybe I should come to NJ and scrap with you ;)

Second - AWESOME layouts! I love them!!

Jaime Barber said...

This makes me want to start scrap booking... I made one (and it wasn't all that creative) for my oldest's first year of life. He's almost 7 now.. And I have two other kids who didn't get their first year documented. ;)

I have to give you huge KUDOS for your "s'mores" title.. That is seriously awesome and so super creative!!


Marcella said...

nice pages Amy!

Becky said...

I know your favorite was the S'mores, and that *IS* super cute, but I have to say that my fave is still the watermelon one! :-)

Loved seeing all your beautiful pages and stealing thoughts and ideas. Loved going away myself even better than that ;-)

Good to see you blogging again--- you've inspired me to get my act together

Sara said...

Loved those pages! I used to scrapbook and then I had the twins. Fortunately, my mother loves scrapbooking and has kept up with my kids!

salli said...

Looks awesome! Especially love that watermelon page!

Anonymous said...

Amy- you are just adorable!!! I love checking in on your blog - the pic of your father-in-law as the Quaker Oats guy is just too much!! A scrapbooking weekend - seriously?? I thought Shane had all the kids at church 'cuz maybe you were home w/ a fever!! Good for you!! ~~~ Judi Fitzsimmons