Thursday, May 7, 2009


(Yes, he's sitting in the oh-so-clean "outdoor toy bin")

Do you SEE that face? How can you NOT smile when you see him? Shane asks him, nightly, if he's a cartoon character. Sometimes, based on what comes out of his mouth...I wonder if he is!

Tuesday, I was watching Dancing with the Stars a very intellectual show during my lunch (DVR'd) and Ty came down from his "quiet time" to ask a question. He saw the judges put up their scores and asked, "what were the numbers?" When I told them it was 9, 9 and 9, he quickly replied, "hmmm...a 27...okay!" and turned to walk out of the room. What? Did my pre-school, 5-year old just add 3 numbers together? I asked him how he knew that, and he just said, "I just did!" Go figure.

Yesterday afternoon, Ty was playing baseball out in the backyard (by himself...don't ask). Apparently, he was practicing throwing the ball up in the air and catching it. In his words, "...the last time I did it, I threw the ball up and it came down and hit me right in the lung!" Oooooooooooor...the ball bounced off his chest.

Last night, Shane took the big kids to church for clubs. When it was time to leave, he noticed that Ty was missing his jacket. So, he asked Ty where he left it..."on the curve". You know the thing that connects the sidewalk to the parking lot!?!?! can't MAKE this stuff up!


Helen said...

LOL! Silly boy! At least he keeps you entertained when there isn't anything intellectually stimulating on TV ;)

K said...

I love kids. They say and do the silliest stuff.

Tori said...

"on the curve" lol! That makes more sense than curb. Love it! Found you through SITS :-)

Sarah said...

Gotaa love the things they say!
Visiting from SITS!

Alida said...

He's going to be the next Derek Jeter.LOL

Amy said...

funny stuff :) he's so cute!