Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mad Hatters

All winter long, I'd put hats on the babies and beg for them to keep the hats on. No such luck. Within 2 minutes, the hats would be pulled off. I even tried the kind that tied or fastened...but they didn't survive any better. Without any hesitation, hats would be pulled off and thrown. Ava needed the hats the most (no hair for added warmth) but she was THE WORST offender of the hat shred!

Now that the temperatures have climbed and summer is clearly on it's way, my kids are whistling a different tune!

This is how I found "the gang" the other morning...READING with their hats on.

Apparently, Cole also likes to cuddle with his new duck from "Miss Carole".

Look at that smile! Ahh...too cute!

Don't be alarmed by the wetness down Ava's front. They have just discovered how to spit/drool water from their sippy cups. Oh the joy.



Ava's nice and toasty for Puzzle Time!


beth said...

love the summer dress and wool cap. quite the fashion statement!

Helen said...

YES! My boys LOVE to wear hats around the house but forget it when I actually WANT them to wear them!