Friday, May 22, 2009

Patriotic Chapel

Wednesday, Zoe's class (as well as the other 1st grade class) were "in charge" of chapel: Patriotic Chapel (in honor of Memorial Day).

What a FANTASTIC job they did! We could tell how hard the kids practiced. They performed at least 5 songs (some with hand motions). Not all the kids had speaking parts (some had roles in their Thanksgiving play). But those that did, all did great.

Zoe carried a sign during the skit about Betsy Ross and the flag. She was so serious, I couldn't help but giggle.

Her other role was absolutely perfect for her: the salute to the Bible. She got to use her own Bible...the one she's madly in love with.

Okay, I need to say, I didn't go to Christian School when I was little. I'd never even heard of a Bible Salute until Zoe was in Kindergarten. But I gotta say, if I can salute to a flag representing a country that I love, I can certainly salute to a Bible that I fully believe in. Too bad this old brain doesn't work and I can't remember the words!

As a bonus, my mom was in town, so Zoe's cheering section was increased 50%. (The picture didn't turn out that great, so I'm sparing the inevitable email from my mom saying she can't believe I posted it!)

Thank you, Mrs. Slootmaker, for all your hard work putting chapel together.

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Amy said...

c'mon....weren't you a pioneer girl?? :) we had to salute the christian flag AND the bible :) i can only remember pieces of it now, though :)