Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Training

A few weeks ago, Shane went on a business trip to Vegas.  Ever since the "big kids" have been old enough to realize Shane's travelling, he's brought back "souveniers" for them.  Some have been more successful than others.  The problem with this practice is that Shane doesn't always have time...or a buy the kids a little something.  Usually, it's an Airport shop that he grabs something at.  Once, he found really cute watches for the kids.  But then there are the times when he can't find anything.  Smart guy that he is, Shane's stopped at KB Toys on the way home from the airport.  Once, he even PRE-purchased gifts before he even left.

This trip, he knew exactly what he wanted to get each of them.  Zoe's been really into "chapter books" now that she's reached a new level of reading.  She's currently on a Cam Jansen kick (written by David A. Adler).  I highly recommend them.  Cute & fun!

Ty's been very excited that Baseball is starting.  Shane's even taken my little 5-year old to the batting cages.  He really wanted to get Ty his first set of batting gloves.  The problem with this plan is that airports don't generally carry sporting supplies.  So, I volunteered to stop at Sports Authority to pick up a pair.  I'll spare you the frustrating rant and just tell you that it took three...yes three...trips to the store to actually GET the gloves.

Let's just say they were WELL WORTH THE EFFORT!

 (I wish I'd taken a picture of him while he was ASLEEP with these batting gloves on!  He wore them ALL night!)


Following Him said...

I so remember my brother and that age. Cute, I mean handome boy :) At least it's not football pads he wants to wear all the time.

Rachael said...

that is so sweet. you gotta love it when a gift hits a home run like that! {yes, i know that was corny...}

Alejandra said...

I loved Cam Jansen! LOVED! Always wished I could click and remember things.