Friday, March 6, 2009

Ava Barbara

Way back when I was pregnant with Zoe and we were coming up with names, we decided we'd use our children's middle names to honor their grandparents:  Zoe Christine (my Mom), Ty Douglas (my Dad), Cole Richard (Shane's Dad), Ava Barbara (Shane's Mom)...and then there was the issue of a fifth child!  OBVIOUSLY, I never thought we'd have after some discussion, we decided Eli would be Eli Robert (my Mom's Pop incredible man of God).

As the triplets have grown, Cole's been "pegged" as a mini-boy-version-of-me and a lot of people I think Eli is dead-ringer for Shane.  Ava, well, I've had a hard time determining who she looks like.  Maybe it's her lack of hair.  Maybe it's her ultra-fine features.  Or's because she is the spitting-image of her Nana!  There are many times that Shane jokingly refers to Ava as "Barbara"...or just "Barb".  Check out the resemblance. 

This is the original Barbara (a.k.a. "Nana"):

And here's Ava in the same dress:
(Ava's probably older that Nana was in her picture, but since Ava's so tiny, you can't really tell)


Rachael said...

wow! i find family resemblances so amazing, genetics are fascinating!

Helen said...

Wow! I think that is so cool she's even wearing the same dress :)

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I love comparing old baby photos of my parents and grandparents to my daughter and my brother's kids. My mother also save the outfits all four of us came home in. It was neat putting my daughter in the same baby dress I wore.

Superhero Mom said...

Oh beautiful is that! God is so amazing is He! Please send my love to Barbara. I think I tried to connect with her on FB...I can't remember all the people I clicked on. This is a beautiful post.

Amy said...

Isn't that funny how that works? I love that she's wearing the same dress your mom wore! :)

salli said...

WOW!!! They are quite the same! (And both so cute!)