Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Catch Up Quickly

Hello, my name is Amy, and I'm a blogaholic.  It's been a week have past since I've last posted.

A lot of my friends have given up social networking for lent.  Some have even given up following blogs.  But I'm not Catholic (not that all of them are, either).  I've thought about "giving something up", but ultimately, I didn't.  Don't let the lack of blogging lead you to any other conclusion.  We've been sooooooooooo busy around here.  Much too busy to blog...

  1. Got a new front door
  2. Got rid of the eye goop (unofficial Pink Eye)
  3. Sent my husband off to Vegas on a business trip
  4. Shoveled 6 inches of unwelcome snow
  5. Encouraged my husband after he discovered he had Pink Eye...on a business trip
  6. Wiped a lot of snot from three noses
  7. Comforted coughing babies at multiple times during the wee hours of the night...on multiple nights
  8. Took 3 19-month olds to the doctor
  9. Filled 4 prescriptions (2 Ear Infections & 2 official cases of Pink Eye)
  10. Went running (4m) for the first time in a week and a half
See...told you I was busy!  But nothing really "Blog Worthy".  I'm tired of writing about our ailments, I feel like a really bad Christmas Letter.  And I haven't taken any pictures.

Lucky for you, my mom did!  Oh, did I mention that she came down to help me while Shane was in Vegas?  She even came a day early (Sunday) to beat the snow.

On a completely UNRELATED note, did anyone catch Extreme Makeover: Home Addition on Sunday night?  I'm not a faithful follower of the show, but I do watch it here and there.  Sunday, the "hero" was a woman that photographed preemie babies in the NICU.  So touching.  She gave a lot of press to March of Dimes, too.  Even though we had a fairly uneventful NICU stay, we definitely benefited from March of Dimes research.  I don't doubt that for a minute!  So many of my fellow triplet moms are walking to raise money for MOD.  If you feel led, I'm sure they'd LOVE your support.


salli said...

I love that picture of them. Thanks for the update...I did no such crazy thing to give up FB or blogs for Lent. (Actually a little crazier, I gave up chocolate.) Hope that the warm weather arrives and the germs leave your house for a loooooong time!

Amy said...

i was wonder'n where you've been :) tell your hubby to look on the bright side. mark had pink eye on a business trip once and it worked to his advantage. they remembered him as "pink eye guy." LOL! :)

Nicole O'Dell said...

LOL in your first sentence you combined a 12-step program with confession--pretty telling, Amy! lol

thanks for the update!

Helen said...

LOL! Your first line cracked me up! I feel like we should start a support group... Thanks for the link :)

Anonymous said...

ABOUT TIME.....I've been waiting for a new blog, I check every day hoping....roo