Sunday, February 15, 2009

Party Hardy!

It was the Birthday that just wouldn't end! Ty turned 5 on February 9th. Yet the celebration seemed to last for days...and days...and days...

Sunday, Feb. 8th:
PopPop and Nana Higby stop by and bring Ty his birthday present. It's a marble baseball game that PopPop had made for Shane almost 30 years ago. Ty loves it! It was the last thing he did before bed and the first thing he did the next morning. He even asked to skip school so he could play! Coming from a boy who absolutely loves school...that's a pretty big request. made him go!

Monday, Feb. 9th:
Actual birthday! Brought #5 donuts from Dunkin' to school (blue icing w/ sprinkles...of course!)
Dinner and presents at home with The Higby 7. Leftover donuts as "the cake".

(As an added bonus: it was "bring a friend to class" day at Myles and Maeve's gymnastics. "M&M" are "Z&T's" best friends. After dropping the kids off at school in the morning, I didn't see them again until 6pm!)

Friday, Feb. 13th:
The Party!!! Sleepover! Yes, I know. I'm crazy! But really, Sammy and Noah were sleeping over why not add one more 5 year old? "We" decided on a campout/Clone Wars theme. Seriously, this could be a post all on it's own, but I'll try to keep it to the basics.

My motto for the night...

After pizza...cake time!

The boys were SERIOUS about Star Wars: Clone Wars (and their popcorn)

Tucked in for the night in the tent

Actually...this is what they looked like when I left them around 9:30p. Zoe and I snuggled up in my bed for some "girl time" and were just about asleep an hour later. Sure enough, around 10:30p, Shane was next to me, "I need your help. Ty just collapsed the tent!" Apparently, Shane didn't make the boys stay in their sleeping bags. He let them get a bit rowdy. Rowdy as in wrestling. At 10:30 at night. I tried not to chuckle.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes a la Daddy the next morning

"Daddy's Special Pancakes" are made (freehand) in the shape of the boys' initials. I'm not sure Noah quite got the idea: He asked for a different letter!
The Party Animals on Saturday morning...a tad sleepy

Yes, Noah's in a Spiderman costume! Shannon packed the boys bags, but apparently, the boys UN-packed them. Neither Sam nor Noah came with PJs, but Noah was wearing one of his coveted Spiderman outfits, so that became his PJs. Even without his PJs, Sam got the award for sleeping-in the latest: 8a.

Sunday, Feb. 15th:
The official Family Birthday Dinner: Higby's, Higby's, Christgau's, Higby's, and Touw's.

Nana made Ty's cake

By Monday, most of the sugar had run it's course and Ty actually slept-in awhile. There was a slight disappointment that the presents had come to an end, but Grammy and Granddad Christgau had slept over, so there was fun to still be had.


Jen @ Amazing Trips said...

Happy Birthday little guy!!

And to think, you still manage to squeeze in time to run. Five miles in 45 minutes?!? You are SMOKING!!! You'd be running laps around me!!!

Amy said...

i love your campfire cake - SO cute - might have to steal that one!!! :) looks like he had a great b-day.

salli said...

I can't believe Ty is 5!!!!! Sounds like you gave him a great b-day! Way to go super mom!