Saturday, February 21, 2009

Choo Choo Cheer

This afternoon, I sold the Triple Decker Stroller. Woohoo!  Part of me was sad it was gone.  A tiny part.  Most of me was glad to get the space back in the basement.  That stroller showed Cole, Eli & Ava some good times...

 ...and sure did make it easy for me to get around with them.

But now, we've entered a whole new world.  Way back when I was pregnant with the triplets, I'd heard of "the perfect triplet wagon".  Initially, I thought it was a bit hokey.  But then I started seeing and experiencing life with triple strollers.  NO FUN!  The Choo Choo is AWESOME!

Step 2 makes the Choo Choo Wagon, but right now, they aren't producing any.  They stopped production awhile ago, but then started again.  Well, now...they've stopped...again.  Thankfully, there is a triplet mom in my local triplet group with 4 year olds that was looking to sell hers!  Thursday morning, I bought it.  Within 10 minutes of being home, the triplets were taking their first wagon ride!

On a serious note, the whole way down the street, I was thinking of Tuesday...and praying for peace for her family.  Even though we didn't get our Choo Choo in time to participate in the Wagie Ride for Tuesday, we still wanted to honor her.


Helen said...

Yay for Choo Choo's! Isn't it just fantastic? You'll soon be a pro at putting it in and taking out of your car. You'll be amazed at the time you save! I remember I went from a solid 15 minute ordeal getting the stroller out of the car, putting it together and getting the boys in. Now it's 5 minutes tops.

Jaime said...

Woo-hoo for Choo-choos and being stroller free! I'm getting ready to purchase a choo choo from another triplet mom so I'm totally psyched! My trio are a bit small for it yet but I wanted to make sure I snatched one up while I can. Your children are adorable! That picture of your trips in the choo choo makes me long for Spring when we can spend more time outdoors. :)

Dorinda said...

I loved the triple decker - it was so convenient :)

I do love the choo choo wagon too except in winter when we all have jackets - there is NO storage. Otherwise I agree - it is super awesome.

Deanna said...

Love the wagon!!!! I bet it was kind of sad to get rid of the stroller though...but I'm sure it will be put to good use!!

Cute photos!